🚦TUCKER CARLSON leaving Fox News, IMMEDIATELY! Original

What do think you are doing after being asked not to send me personal messages? It seems you love to demonstrate what a hypocrite looks like on several occasions!

And if you think by citing my handle with a “ @“ in order to bait people makes you clever. It doesn’t it only makes look small and petty who is acting like a 6 year.

Keep sending me personal messages and find out!

Keep up the attacking on the board me and you are going to have another chat lol

Go look up cyber stalking laws in your state and educate yourself. This site gets a legal complaint against it and they will shut you down. Essentially purposely harassing people with private message is what your open threats are .

You need to grow up!

BTW you like to repeat what Dr M has told you about your lack of writing skills, so now you are reverse projecting again! How many books have you published?

I know you will make something up in that regards too such as telling people we will have to pay for that info. Remember your claims about appearing on Foxnews? Did you really think people would buy that? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

People here are laughing at you

You would never get a straight answer, but he does like using the same material over again suggesting his limited knowledge of creating original material. Having no self awareness of this fact is rather telling in many ways!

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All my messages to you have been to leave me alone, you’re stalking me, and I’ll ask you again, leave me alone stop attacking me on the threads, stop purposely bumping duplicated threads to provoke me. Or me and you are gonna have a little chat… okay?
My chats have been to break off communication, not continue it, so again, if you don’t want a chat boy leave me alone… understand?

Right up there with accusing others of what he is guilty of such as duplicating other people’s threads here! Retarded is the best way to describe such a loser!

Or they just duplicate my threads to try to stay relevant on here lol.

WOW tucker is the man!

The original never duplicated.

Tucker is a god send

Hello everybody, this is the original Tucker Carlson thread

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls welcome to the original thread

Yes… you telling us everyday about this original thread is riveting content. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Still no comment???

Why is that funny? Your ‘original’ thread brings nothing of content to the table. Was it your intent to just post how this is your original thread, everyday, with nothing of value in it, other than to boast about it being ‘the original’?

Are you high? Lol ……

The original never duplicated

Actually it has been duplicated… and is more popular. :wink:

As popular as herpes lol

I can’t disagree with him. We’ll see how things play out over the next year.