Tommy Robinson to Apply for Asylum in the US

According to a recent interview Tommy Robinson says his life is in danger and is going to appeal to President Trump to grant him asylum in the US! Is this even realistic on Mr Robinson”s part to expect such considerations?

If you think Tommy Robinson is a far-right extremist you haven’t been here very long. Welcome.

Tommy Robinson is barely right of center.


What he said.

I’d welcome TR to the US but odds are he’d be hounded to death if he was allowed to emigrate to the US once here.

He can’t even legally enter the US atm :laughing:.

Entered the US using someone elses passport and was caught with some coke over there a while back I believe.

Dude sure knows how to run a good con, i’ll give him that. Made a fortune out of the EDL rubes, and continues to make bank grifting the UKIP crowd. Think he knows there’s more money to be made doing that in the US though.

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Looks like the video got wiped from YouTube. This is why everyone needs to download and upload content that we know is going to get wiped.

Yes I noticed that! When I get time I will try to fix it tomorrow!

I fixed it hope that works now!