This Is A Seditious Coup - Last Time Democrats Did This They Eventually Hanged for Their Sedition

I think we are all waiting for the green light. We will know it when it comes.

It needs to happen! It is long overdue!

I normally don’t quote Glen Beck for obvious reasons, but his crack of the nut here checks out on facts and is accurate. But just take a moment to take in the context of those facts just stated and you will now know how everything is tied to together and starts to make sense!

This is pretty explosive!

Noted and forwarded.

Keep your pop guns close at hand…the deep state is monitoring you.

I move to impeach all of the Democrats who have not been doing your job the whole time President Trump has been leading this country successfully in every way possible. and the whole time not accepting any pay for it. I challenge you to find one Democrat who would do the same. It is clear to me and many like me who really cares about Americans.

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Welcome Jch. What you say is subject, obviously as not everyone agrees on that.