The Debt Clean-Up That Awaits Us

Indeed. Although I am hopeful that many people who have been asleep to just how badly this country has been taken advantage of and sold out over the years are finally waking up and want absolutely nothing to do with China. The problem is, which you were hitting on, how much pain and difficulty are the American people willing to endure to achieve that.

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I’d like U.S.-C.O.V.I.D. recovery stimulus spending be done on universal health care insurance and universal basic income; this being paid with a national ten percent value-added tax as well as with a higher corporate income tax of twenty-nine percent. I’d like tax reform and universal health insurance with universal basic income be implemented as follows:

  1. Universal health insurance ( U…H.I.) affordably be done with insured cost sharing, ( Universal Medicare with a combined $4,000 Part A and B deductible, a 20 percent Part A and B co-insurance and a 50 percent prescription drug co-insurance ) costing taxpayers ca. $1.9 trillion in the fiscal year 2023.

  2. U.H.I being funded in large part with a 10 percent value-added-tax ( 10%V.A.T.) less VAT tax monthly rebates of $165 for each American citizen age 18 or over, this would net approximately 600 billion dollars of revenue in the year 2023; U…H.I. also being funded in part with an increase in the corporate income tax rate from 21 percent to 29 percent resulting in corporations paying U.S. corporate income taxes of ca. $500 billion, the imposition of financial transaction taxes ( remittance taxes and stock/bond trade taxes) generating ca. $200 billion, the implementation of tariffs resulting in ca. $135 billion of revenue in 2023 and federal estate taxes generating an additional ca. $35 billion in revenue., alcohol, cannabis and tobacco excise taxes generating ca. $80 billion of funding for U.H.I, and the remainder of funding for U. H.I. coming from Medicare payroll taxes of ca. $350 billion.

  3. Social security being fully funded by a doubling of the cap on social security taxes, so that all workers and employers would contribute 6.2 percent of social security taxes on every dollar of their earnings up to $320,000 of each individual wage earner’s income .In 2023, this would mean Americans would pay ca. $1.3 trillion in social security payroll taxes.

  4. U.S. military spending along with all other governmental agencies, save for U.H.I. social security the Department of Transportation and Homeland Security,being funded with a simplified income tax system, just a few income tax brackets beginning in year 2026, zero percent on the initial $12,000 of personal individual annual income, 12 percent on $12,001 to $51,000 of personal individual annual income, 32 percent on individual personal annual earnings in excess of $51,000. Capital gains taxed at same rate as ordinary income. No tax credits, save for a refundable $2,000 child tax credit as well as a $4,000 subsistence living allowance tax credit for each adult American citizen. In 2023, this would result in total personal federal income taxes amounting to an estimated $1.2 trillion.

  5. The implementation of excise taxes on railways, fuel, airports and aviation collectively adding up to $160 billion, which would fund the Department of Transportation and Homeland Security.

  6. Approved federal spending in 2023 at ca. $1.9 trillion for universal health care ( U.H.I. ) $1.3 trillion for Social Security, ( no change from status-quo on S.S. retirement benefits ), ca. 900 billion dollars towards the military and veteran services or veteran benefits, $494 billion on debt interest payments, an estimated $100 billion towards Medicaid, $62 billion spending on the U.S. Department of Agriculture, ( ca. $10 billion ) for the Department of Commerce, ( ca. $13 billion ) for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, ( ca. $32 billion) for the Department of Energy, ( ca. $9 billion ) for the Environmental Protection Agency, ( $4 billion ). for the Food and Drug Administration, ( ca. $40 billion ) for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, ( ca. $23 billion) for the Department of Interior annual spending, ( ca. $50 billion) for the Department of Homeland Security, (ca. $30 billion) for the Department of Justice, ( ca. $10 billion ) for the Department of Labor, ( ca. $25 billion ) for N.A.S.A., ( ca. $45 billion ) for the State Department, ( ca. $110 billion) for the Department of Transportation, ( ca. $23 billion ) for the Department of Treasury; the above proposed federal spending resulting in total federal annual spending to be ca. $5.18 trillion…

  7. The above approved fiscal year 2023 federal spending being ca. $5.18 trillion and ca. $4.56 trillion of tax revenue would result in a federal deficit of ca. $620 billion for FY 2023; all new government spending would be balanced with incoming revenue; the only deficit spending should just be interest on our national debt.

What would you propose be done for spending in order to economically recover from the corona virus pandemic. How would you propose this be paid for?

If China were to have indeed closed off Wuhan to and from other parts of China while intentionally allowing the Wuhan corona virus to travel outside of China into other parts of the world, then I’d like to see China held accountable for having committed such an act of international bio-terrorism. Then, I’d agree we should cancel out American debt owed to China.

Better yet, you want universal healthcare why to pay your fair share instead of demanding everyone else pay for your healthcare.

A national sales tax where everyone pays their fair share.

Increase the SS tax via the cap. Will you also increase the amount paid as the max would certainly increase with the cap increased? Or do you want to end the facade and make it into the true entitlement that it is today?

Increase corporate taxes, a laughable suggestion as they would pass it along to the consumer in higher price. Maybe you could double their taxes and they would move off shore and you get nothing. At 29% it would be an incentive to begin that move. But then again w could increase the trade deficit from over 600 billion to a trillion.

The national debt will increase year after year regardless as there is no provision to pay it down not that anyone cares. Not to worry as that debt service will become the largest budget item.

Go ahead use the covid stimulus for UHC. Many small businesses will close then you can pay a UBI as people will certainly be unemployed and likely long term.

I find it appalling that we would think about ending all incentive to actually work and eliminate the incentives for bettering our lives for our families all so the world can cross the border and increase the number and lower the standard of living to the level of Mexico or any other central american nation.


I reckon most small businesses would favor getting rid of the burden of administering and cost of providing health care to their workers. I figure they’d come out ahead on that deal of paying a bit more in corporate taxes in exchange for not having to provide their employees with health insurance.

What you are suggesting here makes small businesses and their employees completely dependent upon the government. How in any way is that a good thing?

When I wanted a job with better health care I improved my skills so I could go get that job and negotiate a higher rate of pay and a more comprehensive benefit package. What you are talking about completely removes the incentive for people to work hard and improve themselves.

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Many small businesses do not provide healthcare to their employees. The ACA covers them with medicaid as that is what the democrats, progressives intended.

You got your ACA now live with it and belly up to the bar any pay your fair share instead of demanding everyone else pay for your healthcare.

Businesses do not and have never paid corporate income taxes.
Taxes like labor and material are a cost of doing business and are factoring into the price of goods and services.
Taxes get to high and the prices rise above what their foreign competitors charge they cut expenses. PEOPLE are the largest expense. Can’t cut enough pool, the nest option is off shoring operations. Still to high move off shore. Still to high, close the business and liquidate.

Why is it that people like you demand others pay for your healthcare and demand everyone fall in lockstep with your demands. Your choices are far greater, you can chose Canada or many EU nations for your free healthcare. Quit demanding we trash what’s left of our healthcare system so you can get FREEE.

I find it laughable as the universal healthcare would be provided by the same people that administer the VA healthcare system which is a mess, medicaid which is beyond a mess resulting in doctors who refuse to treat medicaid patients as well as medicare, fraud ridden system where many doctors refuse to service seniors do to low and delayed payouts from the government.
And sadly the cheerleaders for UHC refuse to address the reality that the best and brightest would no longer seek a medical career as to government mandated salaries and the reality that they would be on a salary instead of an incentive based income.

I’d take a stab and say because people like this don’t have an understanding of business and how it works.

It’s a common misperception that business owners are wealthy.

It’s the attitude of “you didn’t build this” so you should pay more to the people who did.

What small businesses? They are getting wiped out right now because of this silly shit. How does Coronavirus know it should not go into Wal Mart but that it should INFEST small businesses?

If you’re a small business, you are CLOSED, but if you’re a billionaire run mega chain, it’s business as usual (except for whatever bullshit you want to mind whip the people with, like one way aisles)

Corona is the consolidation virus. Communists like to keep it simple. They want one ONE EASILY CONTROLLED FEED TROUGH. Right now, with small businesses, there are too many feed troughs to keep track of, so coronavirus miraculously goes to the small places and makes them toxic waste holes that MUST BE SHUT DOWN, while it happily dances away from Wal Mart like a fairy.

The motives are obvious. With too many doctors now stating that they are falsifying death reports as corona, with too many doctors now saying they are murdering people to get the stats as well, corroborated by phone calls to husbands, videos of masked men announcing provably living people dead from corona right after those living people were carted away by police, and now DEAD NURSES who blew the whistle, the story line is obvious: Corona is a big fat hoax being fronted to destroy small business and hand everything over to centralized communist systems.

They destroyed America’s oil industry on purpose with this. They are destroying America’s small businesses on purpose with this. They are quarantining people while feeding them free money to invoke social change. They are destroying agriculture, with the meat sector now documented to be 45 percent wiped out. We need a rebellion STAT and NEVER FORGET WHO FRONTED THIS and how it happened.

This happened because Fauci and Bill Gates paid for the development of a virus that was supposed to be devastating but ended up being a failure because at least the final tweaks were done in China. They probably did smuggle the original out of Ft. Detrick but I don’t think we got an un-touched American product because if we did, it would have worked.

In conjunction with this, the media played the game and ram rodded a scam down everyone’s throats. And who were the main players in ALL OF IT? Answer: The Tribe. They have wormed their way into ownership of all the big corporations people are now feed troughed into. They own the media that fronted the ruse and ran with it as if it was a complete success and to top it all off, Gates and Fauci are also of the tribe, with the “cure” coming from a tribal company.

They then destroyed agribusiness by refusing to buy from agricultural sources they did not own with this enforced by the fact that they owned all the big feed troughs people are now forced to go to while non-tribal businesses die. If there are any efforts to put things right, people need to know who did this, it’s not going to work if people are stupid enough to think it was Muslims, Chicoms or god knows what else that caused it all.

Well said.

These people are totally clueless as to the cost of doing business and the reality that there are limits as to hw much can be demanded from the government before the reasons for having a business is eliminated by the costs imposed by government.

The PPP program has proven small businesses are indeed dependent on government. As previously mentioned, universal basic income as demonstrated in the case of the Alaska Permanent Fund does not take away incentives for people to work. A single payer universal health insurance system is tried and true in many nations where their workers are very productive and earn a very high standard of living.

That’s not true! Small businesses were doing just fine until the GOVERNMENT forced them to close down! The economy was doing fine too until the government got involved. If Americans were allowed to use their own common sense and small business owners were allowed to implement their own rules for their customers we would all be fine. This mess was created by the government.

Id like everybody, including myself, to pay taxes on the basis of our consumption in order to fund universal health insurance, which would also be funded in large part by individual cost sharing. Our employer-based health care system has indeed been trashed by the SARS-Cov-2 virus and will likely get trashed again by the next pandemic leaving millions upon .millions of Americans jobless.

Tried and true.

LOL, where do you get your propaganda???

Waiting for service like in the UK, Canada?

Maybe taxpayers paying huge taxes to support more government bloat.

Why is it people from Nirvana come to the US for medical services???

Canada’s single-payer healthcare system forced over 1 million patients to wait for necessary medical treatments last year. That’s an all-time record.

Those long wait times were more than just a nuisance; they cost patients $1.9 billion in lost wages, according to a new reportby the Fraser Institute, a Vancouver-based think-tank.

Lengthy treatment delays are the norm in Canada and other single-payer nations, which ration care to keep costs down. Yet more and more Democratic leaders are pushing for a single-payer system – and more and more voters are clamoring for one.

Move to Canada, you can stand in line there.

I’ve considered moving to Sweden where my distant Swedish relatives have an excellent health care system.

There is nothing that prevents you from paying your fair share as the IRS is killing to accept your money.

Why is it you demand everyone else pay first before you pay?

And the government is responsible for the jobless issues we have today. GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN BUSINESSES not the virus.
Las flu season 80K micas dies fo the flu. in 68, the Hong Kong flu killed over 100K Americans dies for the flu, no a peep out of people like yourself or the media.

Over 600K americans die from heart disease every year and not a peep out of people like yourself as Americans continue to be fat asses eating their way into a coronary. 60%+ or Americans are infected with over eating to the point of obesity and over weight.
p.s. These 2 conditions creating secondary issues are prime reasons for a corona death.

The only thing Canadian patients are “guaranteed” is a spot on a waitlist. As the Fraser report notes, in 2017, more than 173,000 patients waited for an ophthalmology procedure. Another 91,000 lined up for some form of general surgery, while more than 40,000 waitedfor a urology procedure.

All told, nearly 3% of Canada’s population was waiting for some kind of medical care at the endof last year.

Those delays were excruciatingly long. After receiving a referral from a general practitioner, the typical patient waited more than 21 weeks to receive treatment from a specialist. That was the longest average waiting period on record – and more than doublethe median wait in 1993.

Rural patients faced even longer delays. For instance, the average Canadian in need of orthopedic surgery waited almost 24 weeks for treatment – but the typical patient in rural Nova Scotia waited nearly39 weeks for the same procedure.

One Ontario woman, Judy Congdon, learned that she needed a hip replacement in 2016, according to the Toronto Sun . Doctors initially scheduled the procedure for September 2017 – almost a year later. The surgery never happened on schedule. The hospital ran over budget, forcing physicians to postponethe operation for another year.

In the United States, suffering for a year or more before receiving a joint replacement is unheard of. In Canada, it’s normal.

Canadians lose a lot of money waiting for their “free” socialized medicine. On average, patients forfeitover $1,800 in lost wages. And that’s only counting the working hours they miss due to pain and immobility.

The Fraser Institute researchers also calculated the valueof all the waking hours that patients lost because they couldn’t fully function. The toll was staggering– almost $5,600 per patient, totaling $5.8 billion nationally. And those calculations ignore the value of uncompensated care provided by family members, who often take time off work or quit their jobs to help ill loved ones.

Canada isn’t an anomaly. Every nation that offers government-funded, universal coverage features long wait times. When the government makes health care “free,” consumers’ demand for medical services surges. Patients have no incentive to limit their doctor visits or choose more cost-efficient providers.

To prevent expenses from ballooning, the government sets strict budget caps that only enable hospitals to hire a limited number of staff and purchase a meager amount of equipment. Demand inevitably outstrips supply. Shortages result.

Just look at the United Kingdom’s government enterprise, the National Health Service, which turns 70 this July. Today, British hospitals are so overcrowdedthat doctors regularly treat patients in hallways. The agency recently canceledtens of thousands of surgeries, including urgentcancer procedures, because of severe resource shortages. And this winter, nearly 17,000 patients waitedin the backs of their ambulances – many for an hour or more – before hospital staff could clear space for them in the emergency room.

Most Americans would look at these conditions in horror. Yet Sen. Sanders and his fellow travelers continue to treat the healthcare systems in Canada and the UK as paragons to which America should aspire.

Go for out.

When do you leave???

Perhaps you should address the illegal population as well as the ass ylum seekers and how they suck the healthcare system dry diverting the costs to the taxpayers. Getting rid of them would lower our costs as well as improving care dramatically.

In Sweden, the average person’s life expectancy is three years longer than an American’s life expectancy. They are doing well health-wise as well as money-wise there with their universal health care system. Health care costs there are ca. 9 percent of their GDP in comparison to health care costs in America being ca. 14 percent of our American GDP. Swedish Urgent cases are always prioritized and emergency cases are treated immediately. The national guarantee of care, [Vårdgaranti] lays down standards for waiting times for scheduled care, aiming to keep waiting time below 7 days for a visit to a [primary care physician.

There is no comparison.

Sweden has 10 million people, the US has 335 million.

There more illegals in the US than the entire population of Sweden.

In Sweden, private insurance premiums and treatment are more expensive, but many citizens and expats prefer to pay in order to ensure that all of their medical needs are met and to avoid longer waits for the public service.
1 in 10 people have private healthcare. Within the past couple of decades, the use of private healthcare has been increasing.

Number of hospitals, 79.
Private hospitals also exist, and there are no waiting lists for them.

The central government dictates health policy, but the system is decentralised, meaning that county councils and municipal governments are responsible for providing services.

If you qualify for care under Sweden’s universal healthcare system you can use any public hospital. However, because there aren’t a high number of hospitals, sometimes the waiting times can be long.

Doctor appointments:
Once you request an appointment, you should have one within a week.
I call the doc and he see’s me within 48hours.

Patients needing to see a specialist shouldn’t have to wait longer than 90 days for the appointment.
My ortho surgeon sees me within 72 hours.

I hear you and your praises for Sweden, no thanks.