The Correct Explanation of Nationalism

There is nothing compatible between conservatism and racism of any sort.

Not according to many if not most of those on your side of the political spectrum who seem to believe we need to apologize for being white and for any perceived or claimed negative actions of our ancestors.

Never heard the phrase “White Privilege”?

to bleed and die in the deserts of the ME?

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There’s definitely a privilege to being white, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad to be white…


Well that’s not going to happen. “Real conservatives” won’t even denounce trump for everything from treason to inciting war.

All races are represented in the military and minority percentages are highest for combat arms, particularly in the enlisted ranks.


Not everybody is afflicted like you are with TDS! Most sane people not suffering from obsessive compulsive disorders actually try to see the truth instead finding anything to support their confirmation biases.

For what to be certain???

If Trump ever actually commits Treason we’ll be the first to burn down the WH, Impeach, Remove him from office, Prosecute, Convict, and execute him.

You think it was patriotic nationalism to stand next to the president of Russia in Helsinki and accept the word of Putin while denouncing his own country’s intelligence. The hypocritical right would have DEMANDED impeachment and capitol punishment.

One of my favorite guys to read is Fred Reed, a former Marine and Vietnam Vet (badly wounded there), who lives in Mexico and has a set of political opinions that will curl your hair, be you Left or Right. (I promise.) I definitely do not always agee with him, but you can be sure when you’re reading his columns, you’re not gettng some sanitized cant.

Posted on June 25, 2015 by Fred Reed

I find Cornel West, a black professor, complaining of White Supremacy, which he believes our black President needs to remedy. Obama, he says, is “[African-American slur]ized.”

“A [African-American slur]ized black person is a black person who is afraid and scared and intimidated when it comes to putting a spotlight on white supremacy and fighting against white supremacy,” West said.

I would like to explain to Professor West a few things about this dread supremacy:

We have White Supremacy, Professor, because for 2500 years we, whites, have produced the best minds on the planet, the greatest flourishing of the arts and sciences ever seen, the most complex and organized societies. We have White Supremacy, whatever exactly it may be, because we have been the earth’s most successful race. No other has come close. Deal with it.

We put probes on Mars and invented the thousands of technologies needed to do it. We developed the symphony orchestra, the highest form of musical expression. We invented the airplane, the computer, the internet, and tennis shoes. Putting it compactly, we invented the modern world. A degree of privilege, however you may conceive it, goes with the territory.

Space Shuttle

A product of white engineers. When you can do this, come back and talk to me.

Blacks may not have the background to grasp the extent of our achievements. Still, permit me a brief and very incomplete list of things white people have done or invented:

Euclidean geometry. Parabolic geometry. Hyperbolic geometry. Projective geometry. Differential geometry. Calculus: Limits, continuity, differentiation, integration. Physical chemistry. Organic chemistry. Biochemistry. Classical mechanics. The indeterminacy principle. The wave equation. The Parthenon. The Anabasis. Air conditioning. Number theory. Romanesque architecture. Gothic architecture. Information theory. Entropy. Enthalpy. Every symphony ever written. Pierre Auguste Renoir. The twelve-tone scale. The mathematics behind it, twelfth root of two and all that. S-p hybrid bonding orbitals. The Bohr-Sommerfeld atom. The purine-pyrimidine structure of the DNA ladder. Single-sideband radio. All other radio. Dentistry. The internal-combustion engine. Turbojets. Turbofans. Doppler beam-sharpening. Penicillin. Airplanes. Surgery. The mammogram. The Pill. The condom. Polio vaccine. The integrated circuit. The computer. Football. Computational fluid dynamics. Tensors. The Constitution. Euripides, Sophocles, Aristophanes, Aeschylus, Homer, Hesiod. Glass. Rubber. Nylon. Roads. Buildings. Elvis. Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors. (OK, that’s nerve gas, and maybe we didn’t really need it.) Silicone. The automobile. Really weird stuff, like clathrates, Buckyballs, and rotaxanes. The Bible. Bug spray. Diffie-Hellman, public-key cryptography, and RSA. Et cetera.


Computers, invented by us. We are not the only ones who can design these monsters. The Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, and Indians can do it, and they have my respect. But–Babbage, Turing, Shockley, Shannon, Boole, von Neumann–we invented computers. People who count on their fingers should maintain a discreet silence.

As a race, Cornel, we are happy for you, for anyone, to enjoy the benefits of our civilization, but that is exactly what it is— our civilization. It has become a global civilization because others among the competent—again, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Koreans—have found it to be in technical matters superior. It came from us. They, I note, do not complain of White Supremacy or White Privilege. They are too busy making computers and money.

Now, Cornel, I have often heard blacks demanding reparations for slavery. All right. I agree. It is only fair. I will pay a half-million dollars to each of my slaves, and free them immediately. I am not sure how many I have, but will try to give you an estimate in even dozens. Further, I believe that all blacks are entitled to a similar amount for every year in which they were slaves.

However, I think you owe us royalties for the use of our civilization, which can be regarded as a sort of software. There should be a licensing fee. After all, every time you use a computer, or a door knob, you are using something invented by us. Every time you sharpen a pencil, or use one, or read or write, you infringe our copyright, so to speak. We have spent millennia coming up with things–literacy, soap, counting–and it is only fair that we receive recompense.

The accounting burden would be excessive if we tried to distribute royalties in too fine a granularity, such as three cents per use of a boom box or a Glock, so we should probably use a bundled approach–so much per year for use of the wheel, refrigerator, and television. The amount could be deducted first from reparations payments and then automatically from EFT cards.


A white man’s kraal. We started building them around 1137.

Now, Cornel, it isn’t that we whites want to be supreme. It is just that we haven’t been able to help it. It isn’t our fault that we produced Newton, Archimedes, Einstein, and all those mutants. They are just birth effects, things that happen to even the best families. You have to play the hand you are dealt. A little sympathy would be appropriate.

Hardly distinguishable from the Tang Dynasty

These gentlemen, hardly distinguishable from the Julio-Claudians, are probably from Papua-New Guinea. I propose to give them a trial subscription to White Supremacist culture.

An essentially identical culture, differing only in unimportant details (Mission Control)

An essentially identical culture, differing only in detail. (Mission Control)

What I think, Cornel, is that if you want the advantages of success, you have to succeed. We have. It is chic to say that whites are now headed for the dust bin of history. Maybe. If so, historians of the future will say, “Damn! That was some really fine dust, wasn’t it?”

Our own intelligence agencies were at the same time and had been for months illegally surveying his campaign.

They also have a long record of getting very big things wrong such as the evidence for the case of invading Iraq was immediately necessary.

They didn’t predict the Hungarian Revolution or theCzech Spring or the Iranian Revolution or the intervention by the Russians into Afghanistan or much of anything.

(I think they probably did have a pretty good idea about the existence, or otherwise, of nuclear weapons in Iraq – it was just inconvenient to articulate the truth, since they were needed as a pretext for the invasion.)

Their failures are legion. I don’t blame them – social reality is like that. What happens is often dependent on the decision of a single individual at the top – and no one is a mind-reader. Plus … the longer term, slower changes at the bottom … the slow transition of a society from one made up mainly of illiterate peasants, to one made up of urban literate workers … is ‘invisible’.

We’re living in the middle of such a transition in the USA right now, and although its manifestations – a conservative professor denied tenure, a Marxoid textbook approved for the schools, a college which decides to not say the pledge of allegiance at its board meetings any more – can be seen, their overall eventual significance – the collapse of the American Republic – is not so obvious.

Don’t forget they completely missed the formation and rise of ISIS for three years. Finally they began to notice as the map of Iqaq shrank by a third in a few months as The Caliphate kept taking huge chunks of it.

In order to keep it out of the news as much as possible and to protect his “I’m going to be the president that ends wars” claim he refused to use US forces to stop them until it became obvious that ISIS was soon going to have control of the southern and western 2/3’s of Iraq in short order so he finally started recommitting some US air power but only in support of Iraqi operations.

There’s an old saying, which you no doubt know, along the lines of “War is too important to leave to the generals.” But to leave it to Donald Trump! Oi vez mir!!
When we finally get out of the Middle East, let’s build solid defensive alliances with stable democratic countries, and not do te Crusades thing again. The CIA can keep busy trying to tack the narco cartels,who seem to be on their way to de facto control of Mexico.

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I hate to introduce you to reality but as long as the Industrialized world is dependent on oil from the ME there is zero possibility that “We” will every disengage from the region.

The rest is just hilarious.

No, Trump was to get the US out of the ME. A key campaign promise that’s costing him some support.

Nobody with an actual pulse and functional cortex believes the US is ever going to completely disengage and withdraw from the ME.

Based on the historical track record of the current intelligence service, of course we should be skeptical, WMDs, Russia collusion, 911, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, etc,

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