The Aviation Enthusiasts Thread

NASA Aero Spacelines Super Guppy, one of the oldest cargo plane still in Service today.

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Bell XP-77 - America’s Emergency Fighter (Built from Wood) - YouTube project dumped due to many design flaws.

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Dude don’t copy the title of the video, press the share option then copy the URL that YouTube provides.

Like this

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This has always been my favorite WW2 plane.


“Whistling Death”

That is also my favorite of all the Warbirds.

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This really was an incredible piece of engineering.

I used to teach this poem to my AP Lit students; I’d have to explain the sheer terror of aerial combat- especially for the ball turret gunner.
Another similar poem:

The Fury of Aerial Bombardment


You would think the fury of aerial bombardment

Would rouse God to relent; the infinite spaces

Are still silent. He looks on shock-pried faces.

History, even, does not know what is meant.

You would feel that after so many centuries

God would give man to repent; yet he can kill

As Cain could, but with multitudinous will,

No farther advanced than in his ancient furies.

Was man made stupid to see his own stupidity?

Is God by definition indifferent, beyond us all?

Is the eternal truth man’s fighting soul

Wherein the Beast ravens in its own avidity?

Of Van Wettering I speak, and Averill,

Names on a list, whose faces I do not recall

But they are gone to early death, who late in school

Distinguished the belt feed lever from the belt holding pawl.

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I don’t know if ‘video games’ are allowed, but if you’re not familiar with DCS world and love military aviation - it’s an absolutely bonkers realism sim. In the sim community this is porn.

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My WW2 favorite airplane is the Flying Tub of the Luffwaffe, the JU 87 dive bomber.The turtle of the sky.

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One of my favorites!