Pervert Joe Bidens Climate change trip

Moron monte, trump owns beautiful properties that have beautiful golf courses…

He conducted business, it showed American strength, it was an assent that trump is so successful.

What is Biden going to show? His poopy pants? His son’s crack head painting? Lol

ok thats not the answer to the quest the deflect attitude of Pervert Joe Biden so lets talk about golf who played more golf than any other POTUS in History Pervert Joe Biden’s Buddy MORON OBAMA who married a Guy check out the BUlGE in HIS Dress image

False, I just posted for you the stats on that. Trump played the most golf of any president in history. And the MAIN point was that he’s the one who promised he’d play NONE!!! Said he’d be too busy to go golfing….

What a liar and a fraud he was. Good thing we ditched his ass….

You won’t win elections until you stop lying