New Study Highlights Alleged Accounting Error Regarding Covid Deaths

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Yes ma’am, yourself as well.

Pandemics are not to be taken lightly…:man_shrugging:

Some people do have separate realities wouldn’t you say?

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He’s not an insider.
He doesn’t take orders from the party machine.
He beat Hillary which put the lefts panties in a twist.
He’s not a politician, a smooth liar like Obama for example.
He tends to not hold back and tell it like it is.

Need more reason?


Actually the idea that the president is responsible for the deficit during his years is beyond laughable. People should really go back to HS and re-take a government class.

Only congress has the power to appropriate money. Both houses, democrats and republicans are responsible, the president could veto the porkulus package however congress would over run the veto, got to get re-elected.

We wouldn’t need a covid relief bill if the states like California and NY would pull their heads out and end the restrictions. The governors and mayors have decimated small businesses. 40% of restaurants are expected to not re-open or close due to the massive losses.


No doubt about it :wink:

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He believes in America and Americans first. That lights the globalist lefties’ pants on fire. There is a lot more but we’re on the same page :wink:


Trump exposed how corrupt the system is and that’s why they are all after him so strong

But trump’s supporters are the wise with the real power if they want to use it

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Maybe not complete shutdowns but, enough shut down to kill hundreds of thousands of jobs and leave many of us without income.

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Yes well she claimed that governors were “shutting their economies down”, which was of course factually incorrect. So just keeping things accurate…:wink:

I just called the tide pod addiction center. I’m reaching out for you. We are all here for you put the pod in the wash machine lol

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Trump brought the swamp with him. Robert Mueller prosecuted a slew of them, several in his cabinet (more than any other presidency) were investigated for fraud/misuse of tax payers money, and forced out. And now we have him pardoning convicted killers and felons who h e owes favors too.

We’ve never seen this level of out in the open, flagrant corruption in our history.

There’s so many reasons that Trump was repudiated by Americans and denied a second term.

And now, since loosing the election, he threw in the towel, quit working and divides his time between tweeting sour grapes and playing golf.

The 100 million vaccinations that he promised by years end is woefully short, because he quit working. He doesn’t care. He’s in ‘punish the republicans’ mode because they won’t help him steal an election, and to the ardent Trumper, they’re just all coming after him…:roll_eyes:

Democrats just stole the election using media, polling locations, United States Postal Service, judges, lawmakers…

And Trump is corrupt!? Lol haha


They have insufficient power, or he would have been returned for a second term…:wink:

If this were truly fair and honest election with minimal fraud, the democrats and their supporters would be screaming for investigations into the allegations yet here we are, crickets and diversions.


They just found a dump of 200,000 ballots 100% for Biden in PA… everyone is silent

And remain unreported by the MSM.