New coronavirus strain spreading in UK has key mutations, scientists say

And as I stated, it’s all about the continual saga of bash Trump for anything and everything.

Will you BASH the village idiot with dementia when his PLAN doesn’t work which it won’t.

Trumps statement: he did not want to panic the public by leveling with them about the virus in the early months of the pandemic.

Let’s see. If trump said nothing he would have been blamed for doing nothing.
If trump said, this is going to be really bad, he would have been bashed for panicking people.
Trump said not a big deal, he’s bashed for that.

So exactly what did you want him to say?? He could have been like Obama and say nothing until it arrived and began infecting people. You certainly didn’t bash him for saying nothing.

The interesting thing is that it really wasn’t a problem until it mutated and became more infectious in Europe. But our governors and mayors decided to try and protect everyone instead of the most vulnerable which condemned the elderly to take the brunt of the deaths. Why would an idiot like Cuomo and Whitmer put covid cases in senior centers and nursing homes with the most vulnerable?? Are you blaming them for the deaths they cause by their senseless actions??

“it” is already in France and Germany, better shut them out too.
Better not buy a BMW or a Mercedes just in case …

We now know enough about this virus to understand how quickly it spreads and how bad the effects of the disease can be. Something like 0.1% of people will have serious health issues because of this virus and something like a tenth of them will die.

If 0.1% of the American population suddenly turned up at hospital in need of intensive care that is more than 300,000 people. Could the hospitals cope with that kind of influx? Ok, they would not all arrive at once but by the end of 3 weeks while the first sufferers are still in hospital and the follow-ons are turning up…

In the UK our intensive care beds are something like 80% filled. We cannot handle another 10,000 patients needing ITU care.

That is the issue, it is all about managing the load on the care services. The question to ask at this time is “why after 6 months has an equivalent amount of money not been pumped into expanding the ITU facilities thereby avoiding the complete and unnecessary wrecking of some people’s lives and businesses?”

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Trump sat down after November 3rd and quit working. He’s been doing nothing but golfing and tweeting obscenities against his fellow republicans. He’s an impetuous and spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum because sleepy Joe kicked his assssssss from the basement…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

In the US hospitals are generally built by the private industry. However before a hospital can b built, addd onto th local and state governments must give their permission.

The response: ask the state ad local government s why they are not allowed to expand. But maybe its trumps fault.