National debt reaches $33 t – prudent investors concerned but momo crowd says debt doesn’t matter

That is all part of the plan!

Look at the recent devaluation of the dollar. Foreigners around the world are now reevaluating the safety of the dollar because of Biden’s policies. Under this administration, the dollar has not only lost purchasing power but reliability. What was once considered a dependable asset is increasingly seen as a gamble.

That’s leading more nations to drop the dollar as a reserve currency. Many countries, including America’s biggest adversary, China, are moving to replace the dollar entirely on the world stage. The dollar’s reserve currency status is one of America’s greatest strengths, and losing it would deal a tremendous blow to our power and prestige, like what happened to Rome. People wonder about parallels between the fall of Rome and the decline of America. But that’s not a fair comparison, Rome had good roads that lasted more than a millennium.

That is exactly what Obama and his handlers always wanted. “To lessen America’s foot print in the world”

The original plan was concocted by John Podesta when he was with the Center for American Progress outlining Obama’s second term agenda. Except they needed another term to fulfill those goals and here we are to date.