Mike Pompeo Subpoenaed in Trump Impeachment Inquiry by 3 House Panels

I’m hoping to see some of these guys in orange jumpsuits and belly chains, but I know that’s not the world I live in. Public shaming and ruined careers may be the best we get.

What I find most interesting about the Volker resignation is that he resigned from a part-time, unpaid position. What was he really doing over there? I think when that comes out, this administration is finished.


In the words of Aerosmith… “Dream on, dream on…”

I feel your pain, I mean justice would be Biden, Hillary and guys like Comey being locked up.

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Let’s not forget folks… what was Trump asking for? To find out more about why the DNC server was hacked and to find out why Biden pressured them to fire the guy that was about to prosecute his son for corruption. Keep that in mind, the left is desperate to shift the attention to Trump so their crimes aren’t the focus.

Now this just comes out! Why do I have a feeling I am going to be laughing at the idiots in this thread, even more than before?:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Oh this gets better every time! This from Reuters!

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A question for you fired up dem

The left has turned the country into a laughingstock

They are likely to impeach trump in the house

The senate is unlikely to convict

The impeachment a political game for the progressives to try and pass off one of their broken candidates for president on the naive american public

The blowback from half the country would be substantial should the senate convict

I can see it destroying this country should the cities pass off a defective idiot in 2020

Are you personally willing to accept the issues your demand for impeachment will set in motion

I have ultra progressives in the family and they don’t care

The democrat seem to be using impeachment as a way to say see we did it but the republicans blocked his removal ignoring the problems they will likely create