Migrating Over From Debate Politics Forums

I’m new here and am coming over from Debate Politics Forums and just wanted to say what a refreshing forum this is. I’ve been lurking here for about a month and I haven’t seen any ridiculous or arbitrary moderation. I spent years posting at Debate Politics Forums only to have my comments arbitrarily deleted because I disagreed with a mod over a single post. I’m officially done with that place and never looking back. Especially after using this forum software - everything else looks old and trashy. Nice job!


Hi Tony,

Welcome to the forum. It is always nice to hear an introduction.


You won’t find a better site…EVER! :laughing:


Glad to have you @TonyMacaroni and thank you so much for the kind words! We try very hard to keep things as open and transparent as possible. @Patriot is also constantly tinkering and rolling out all sorts of new features so if you like the technology we use here even more features will be rolled out in January!


I just deleted Tapatalk and am never installing it again :smile:

I really like that I can add the site to my phone and computer as an app. Smart!


Do please read The FAQ listed here:

The flagging system has been temporarily abandoned due to extensive abuse as a weapon.

Also, please don’t be discouraged by the newbie rules. More freedoms and access to special categories will be automatically granted to you when you reach Trust Level 3.

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Thanks @asaratis I’m new here too and that’s good information. I’ll make a post sharing my story if people are interested.

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Please do…,

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Welcome @TonyMacaroni glad to make your acquaintance. I was never a member at DBF but it looks like there are a lot of leftists and Never Trumpers. Don’t know where you fall out on that.

Stick around…you’ll find out! :sunglasses:

I was posting there for a while, too.

I am also a newcomer to Political Bullpen and a fan of the tech advances to be enjoyed here!

As a relative newb here, Even though I find many of the opinions expressed on this website repugnant I will give credit to the moderation that is practiced.

From reading older threads it is obvious not so long ago there was an influx of posters from another site and the moderators quickly caught on and made it clear trying to curry favor with them or trying to indulge in the same antics to try and assert control would not be tolerated.

When a message board has moderators that favor a sub section of posters said message board will decline in quality.

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Of course we are! Welcome!

I’m good with repugnant posts. I don’t want agreement. I want to debate, be right, and be wrong because when I’m wrong that means I get to learn something new.

I think I found the threads you were talking about. If the moderators here keep making it about everyone has an equal voice and equal access to comment then this forum is destined for great things. On most forums, your post would have already been deleted and you might have been banned!


This is my first ever forum but I have looked at some others and all I can say is no thanks. There seems to be a culture of making new people feel badly for being new on other forums. I haven’t seen that here.


I call them messageboard boomers They think by virtue of their tenure posting their opinion is worth more.


The AR15.com forum is just like that. Plus, you have to pay to post. So you spend the first year trying to have conversations with people while you’re a paying member and you get nothing but shit from the forum gray beards for being the FNG. I don’t know why anyone stays a member of that site.


Everyone on AR15 also claims to be the second coming of Rambo. In reality they are nothing bunch of fat slobs in their 40s, 50s, and 60s who are spending more time firing off posts on their computer than firing rounds down range.

I know this because I was one of them.


The admin at DebatePolitics is a ragist leftist. I have an email exchange saved between me and him somewhere, it’s quite illuminating.


I came here from Debate Politics as well. Wasted 3 years of my life on that forum. Way more chill here. Not as many threads but I guess that’s on us. No moderator bullshit here.