Media lies are out of control

The enemy #1 of the people: mainstream media

Of course Ukraine blew up the dam.
Of course the Biden regime blew up the Nordstream pipeline.
And yet the media spins everything upside down. (And the sheeple believe it hook line and sinker)

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This would have been impossible without the collaboration of the media.

This should easily explain it.

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Propaganda. That’s what BBC (British), ABC (Australian), etc etc do, because they are government funded.

And other “free” stations?
Hmmm, come to think of it, are there government funded newspapers in “free” countries?

Who funds the New York Times or Washington Post?

Who reads them? Residents of these cities because the names of their cities are in them?

The government spends millions on advertising According to the report, the federal government obligates, on average, nearly $1 billion a year for advertising and PR contracts. Most of that money goes toward advertising.

So, if you buy newspapers which you think represent free opinions and free thinking, you’re actually buying government propaganda.
Is it worth your money? Be it 10 cents, 25 cents or 50 cents?

Of course not.

If you buy certain newspapers which are party-affiliated like the communist party (You usually see the hammer and sickle) or certain Christian church (You usually see a cross somewhere), then you know what opinions the articles (not just editorials) are based on.

But the danger lies in buying and reading the NY Times and thinking (or assuming) that the articles are based on unbiased points of view and sourced information.

This is an occult sign.

How many triangles do you see? Coincidence?

So you thought it was just an innocent sitcom?



9 years ago? Boy, history does repeat itself

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This is a media war.
The western media is out of control.

One example:
Western media says “Ukraine won the battles and occupied three villages.”

These are really small villages which had been abandoned and villagers evacuated. One “village” actually consisted of 5 or 6 people, hardly a village.

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More lies and massaging truth

Recently much has been said and written about gas stoves causing childhood asthma, justifying politicians moving to ban residential gas stoves. We reviewed the epidemiology studies used to support the ban in a recently published study. We demonstrated that the studies were unreliable and there is no basis for the claims made. Lies.


It’s a propaganda war.
The Ukrainians and Russians are one and the same people, just living under two different banking systems.

What else doesn’t climate change cause?


More discrepancy between reality and media narratives

Tucker Carlson at his best so far, out of the MSM.

What’s the funny accent of this guy all about? LOL

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Watch out for the media hype.

The media want a mass panic at the right moment, at the right place.

The truth is, first recorded UFO crash in the US happened 80 years ago.

I understand there is a museum of sorts at an air force base in Ohio where bodies of aliens are preserved (and displayed for those people with proper clearance).

Some aliens are humanoid, but many are reptilian, amphibian, insectoid and there are even species (with highly advanced technology) which are hard to classify because they appear to be halfway animal and halfway plant.

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