Masterpiece Cakeshop Was Just Sued For 'Discrimination' For A THIRD Time

Again please get a clue and actually read the OPED before making stupid comments!

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How have his votes disappointed so far??? :man_shrugging:

That sounds very sweet in a rose colored glasses kind of way.

But, most don’t want to “protect” and “nurture” the “issues” the liberals want to force down our throats.

We’re only all Americans as long as we are on board with the liberal agenda. When we aren’t you and your ilk come out in full force to destroy, discredit and ruin lives.

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^^^and there you have it. Conform. Be like everyone else. Wear the color grey everyday to show you are part of the party. Or else.

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Yes, forget that in another case the SCOTUS ruled explicitly that this kind of anti religious bigotry has no place in our society.

The case should have been immediately thrown out with prejudice, sanctions, and a whopping fine but they are hell bent on continuing to harass this poor man until he’s destroyed in every possible way.

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Then they obviously have no case since there are an endless number of bakeries who will be happy to bake their cake.

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Hear from the man himself!

Masterpiece Cakeshop might as well transition to Masterpiece Lawfirm.

While I feel for the guy with all of the crowdfunding and donations for his legal defense he’s probably doing pretty well financially.

Eventually though he’l lose everything unless these frivolous, ridiculous suits come to an end.

CO judges need to drop a hammer on this crap once and for all and if they won’t the federal courts need to step in.

The bitch is suing in federal district court

Then she shouldn’t have a prayer as transgenderism is not a protected class, Christians however are.

Yeah why not! I think the one take away from this interview I find most important is the left trying to intimidate people like Jack into submission to their way, their culture and suppressing his freedom of speech! Him standing up to that should set a precedent that this behavior should not be tolerated in a open democracy like ours! All are welcomed to express their views no matter what.

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Bullshit. You don’t have the first clue what conservatism is

This would be a great opportunity for Trump to step in personally and do something Trumpian to stop this. Maybe Donald Trump Jr could donate 5 million to his defense, or open up a second shop in Trump Tower, or something.

There’s nothing Trump can do to put a stop to it, separation of powers.

Donating to his defense fund would be a nice gesture but I doubt it’s necessary and probably not worth the political/media explosion it would precipitate.