MASSIVE Breakthrough In 9/11 Investigation! - Must WATCH


I’d love to know what perversion of the language equates to a “small portion of the building” when the building is fully engulfed in fires that have been burning out of control for more than 13 hours.

Within an hour of impact there are at least 7 floors fully involved, and there was absolutely nothing the FDNY could do to suppress the flames due to a lack of water. The buildings’ internal fire suppression system could not function either due to a lack of power and water.


In 400 years when their bones are dug up what will they find?


Not following DMK…


I am agreeing with you that the trans stuff is retarded.

For all of those who believe they are a woman but born a man and even go to the extent of sex change surgery, they are still a man.

If their bones are dug up 400 years from now, one of the first things to identify them will be that it used to be a man or a woman. :wink:


Why is it so important to you?


They’re going to be that well preserved?


wifey you can discern gender just from the skeleton EASILY. Also from DNA


Who owns the media, who owns the banks, who can’t we criticise, who did 911, why did we invade Afghanistan and Iraq, who wants to invade Iran and Syria, who runs US foreign policy - THAT, in a nutshell, is why.


I make a comment linking trans to my Hasbara friends and they get all upset.
Think I might have hit a nerve there - looks like there must be some truth in it


Classic, textbook example of libs controlling the lexicon in order to create social change.

They have now redefined “gender” and words like “man” and “woman” to be determined by how the brain works.


What difference does any of that make in your life?


Quite a lot actually…


Have you finished the chores your mother asked you to do?


New Rules!


I’ll pass on watching the video. I’ve watched a bunch of these guys claiming conspiracy. . . just think about that for a minute. They coudln’t cover up a blow job in the White House between two people, yet I’m supposed to buy that they coordinated and carried out something on this scale and not one whistle blower has come forward in the past 18 years? Sorry, no matter what half-truths they come up with as their latest revelations, they’re just conspiracy theory nuts.

One of my favorites was the thought that the fire wasn’t hot enough to melt this steel so the buildings had to have been blown up… well, if you’ve ever worked with metal, it’s not necessary to get to its melting point to weaken it and with millions of pounds of weight on top of those beams, a slight weakening would be enough to cause the collapse. Also, I have eyes and watched the collapses. I watched it live on 9/11 and there’s no way our government was competent enough to carry something out on this scale and then cover it up.


No but it has to reach melting point to melt and it was hot enough after 60 mins to melt steel apparently.


So nothing.


Not surpirsed. I wonder when South Park will follow suit. Then again, they managed to squeeze leftist agenda even into The Punisher.


You asked me how much it affects me and it has affected me a LOT - I used to keep my mouth shut until I realised thats exactly what they want. So yes I changed and the grim reaper is the only one who will ever silence me now.


How has it affected you A LOT?

Please be specific.