Kavanaugh Joins Liberals To Protect Pro-Planned Parenthood Ruling



Roberts has proven to be a piss poor pick for CJ SCOTUS.


Maybe so - but that’s political and justice is supposed to be blind. Our legal system is broken all the way to the very top.


The judiciary is infested with political activists and has been for about 70-80 years.

It needs an enema.


He is 99.999999 % of the way there already !!!


When you look at the SCOTUS they only hear 60-75 cases per year and review 50-60 cases per year. That’s 1-2% of cases.

I suspect they tend to hear far more reaching cases than the planned parenthood case.


I’m siding with Kavanaugh on this one.

The issue isn’t Planned Parenthood—some of their clinics don’t even perform abortion, and they provide care for Medicaid & uninsured whose access to public health may not be so great. One of the public health clinics in my area gets bad yelp reviews in both English & Spanish.

The problem is that abortion is a “right” and that “right” hasn’t been taken away.


This case wasn’t about abortion… but in not taking the case, they appear to have done it because it comes close to the issue of abortion. Louman is correct that the SCOTUS can only take so many cases and who am I to understand the priority and importance of all the cases presented to them but as for the case itself, the idea that states no longer have control over the funds that they use to provide medicaid services should allow them to exclude any vendor they wish. Excluding planned parenthood did not remove services of other clinics and would have likely propped up more financially strapped local services.

I think the case was worth even if others had more priority and if the court abdicated their responsibility because they are afraid of leftist backlash, they don’t think much of the importance of the job they do.


So you also siding with Roberts another Justice who chose not to hear the case.


Well, Roberts isn’t always wrong.


One of the good things McConnell has done is get a LOT of Trump’s judicial picks confirmed. This will pick up even more next year with Rs having an increased majority. They need to take advantage of it while they can.


Over 200 so far and Mc is supposed to be setting the table to fast track far more in 2019.

As we’ve seen over the last sixty years or so the courts are where you go to reshape the country.


Yes, that’s absolutely true. So if nothing else, there will be a long lasting mark on the courts, which for us is a good thing.


Planned Parenthood. Isn’t that title simply a veiled attempt to cover the murder of the unborn as a convenience? Or am I wrong?


Raymond Kethledge. Cream of the Crop.


Kavanaugh is doing what Roberts tells him to.


Planned parenthood provides a lot of services. Not all of them are with the ultimate goal of abortion.


I don’t think they (he) did either - from Thomas’ dissent, he noted that three lower courts ruled yes, one court ruled no. What they did was sweep it under the rug for awhile, unless conflicting lower court rulings are common and not resolved. Maybe some lawyer here can weigh in, but it would seem like sooner or later they’re going to need to resolve that. It seems like an issue that can be swept under the rug awhile, nothing that will make heads explode.


Mostly, yes, you have it about right.


THey had out a lot of free/cheap condoms and pills.

We could close every PP office in the country though and the only “crisis” that would emerge would be a lack of abortion clinics.

Until they stop performing abortions all federal funds should be withheld. Abortion is by far their biggest cash business and we’re paying for a lot of them now through Obamacare.