Is YouTube doing enough to ban discussion we do not like? - 60 Minutes - CBS News

Yet when he was still on YouTube his daily ratings were higher than CNN.

Lesley Stahl asked Wojcicki, “Have you taken down any of President Trump’s ads at all?”

Sounds like Stahl has been living under a rock with a comment like that. She seems to think every single ad President Trump has ever created has been approved and shown on YouTube. She’s clueless.

Lol, CNN has what 800K viewers. That’s not hard to top. There’s 330 million Americans.

YouTube better ban what I don’t like; or I’ll tell my mom.

Then you go start a YouTube channel and do it.

One man created something that absolutely destroyed the mainstream media and he was shut down for it.

Weren’t you just saying that no one wants to listen to him anyway? But now beating out a mainstream media news outlet is easy and no big deal. You’re off the rails my dude.

Not only did that one man not destroy the MSM, they have your britches in a knot every day, he can’t even keep custody of his own kids. And What happened with his lunatic Sandy Hook conspiracy.

You think 1% of the country means anything…

Is she still with us Jim?

My concern is not a ‘conspiracy’ it is that when you start censoring (YT already does for nudity or killing/corpses), you are picking winners and losers in what should (must) be a free marketplace of ideas.

Censorships starts benignly enough- most reasonable people would find advocating the genocide of a group offensive, yet very soon, what is ‘offensive’ becomes less obvious and therefore open to the opinions of the censors.

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To those that want to confiscate wealth, it certainly does.

Your logic seems to flow only in the direction that best suits your narrative :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Wow - that is blatant shilling for YouTube and their laughable attempts at Section 230 compliance. I wonder how much that old bag o’ bones got paid to parrot those YouTube talking points?

This is not government censorship. Businesses reserve the right to refuse to serve all the time. I really don’t understand why right leaning people don’t create there own platforms rather than trying to play on left leaning platforms and complaining when they think they haven’t been treated fairly…

Then create your own video sharing platform.

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Ok! Then by the logic you apply here Youtube should be considered a publisher and not a platform and thus not entitled to government protection under such provisions of their current status. In other words you can’t have it both ways.

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Jim has paid his dues in spades; Jim is thick skinned, & comfortable in it. Fire away.

What does that mean Jim? I was inquiring whether your mother was still with us or not, sense you had mentioned her. I thought you were a seasoned person yourself.

Mom left the world on Easter Sunday, 2005. I never walked into the house and found her not reading a book. Mom was 4 foot 10. A riveter during the war at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. PBY & PBN rescue planes. She was small enough to squeeze into areas most people couldn’t reach.

That’s very cool, thanks for sharing. :+1: