HIV AIDS was made in USA

You can’t possibly show that to be true and you know it.

In his world anyone who actually knows what they are talking about is a know it all.

Go to the Library of Congress.
There you find the documentation I quoted on top.

No you didn’t and it doesn’t exist so you can’t.

The bit you quoted was addressing such things as weaponizing anthrax.

No. Weaponizing anthrax started during WWII.

The US had no bio weapons program during WWII.

Operation Vegetarian was a British military plan in 1942 to disseminate linseed cakes infected with anthrax spores onto the fields of Germany. These cakes would have been eaten by the cattle, which would then be consumed by the civilian population, causing the deaths of millions of German citizens. Furthermore, it would have wiped out the majority of Germany’s cattle, creating a massive food shortage for the rest of the population that remained uninfected. Preparations were not complete until early 1944.

(Don’t tell me it’s the Brits, not Americans)

Very strange place to be these days . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It is the Brits and it wasn’t an engineered antibiotic resistant strain of Anthrax which is what your quote refers to. Read your own damned citation.

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Yeah, like the US and UK were not allies.

The damned citation says millions of Germans would have to be killed (which makes the deaths of 200,000 civilians in Dresden a child play, by Churchill and FDR who were Jews)

They had no antibiotics at the time.

Penicillin wasn’t even widely distributed till later in the war. Prior to that all they had were sulfa drugs.

What little penicillin they had was reserved for the military and there was no antibiotic resistant strains known at the time.

Again, read your own damned citation.

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That is par for the course and I am convinced he just posts shit here without reading any of it first!


For crying out loud, can’t you read English?

Mass murder was on their mind.
Same for HIV AIDS and other viruses including the corona virus with AIDS genes.

Can’t you UNDERSTAND English ??? :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Why bother trying, you ignore facts provided.

Trying to educate those that chose to not open their mind is a total waste of time.

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You must really be desperate for attention to be quoting your own BS.

Operation Vegetarian was never put into practice.

Every possible scenario for bringing the war to a close as quickly as possible was indeed considered and after Germany declared war on the English Civilian population with the indiscriminate bombing of civilian populations all bets were off.