Here’s the Bloomberg Audio on inner-city gun violence that’s blowing up twitter

Just because you happen to hear it once in a while on these mainstream media outlets doesn’t mean that it is getting the level of coverage that it should. Yes, I have heard it mentioned too but if it were any other candidate the story would be being pushed a lot harder.

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I was responding to the guy who claimed “the media won’t touch it”…

I think you missing the larger issue here. The fact he is campaigning as this woke candidate and trying to shame white people, conservatives, and gun owners speaks to the larger issue of his duplicity on most issues he claims to stand for. While it can be argued that putting cops where crime is and to ramp up stop and frisks is effective, it attracted a lot of criticism for the border line violations by cops that was blurring the lines of personal constitution. On the latter issue, is another entire different debate of course, the point is Bloomberg can’t be trusted when he talks on both sides of his mouth who is secretly an authoritarian with a short man’s complex and is why he went to great lengths to have this audio suppressed. You might not see the issue, but I strongly urge and encourage you to look deeper into who Michael Bloomberg is and why this particular issue is important.

Who’d have guessed Michael Bloomberg was such a race realist? He states:

  • 95 percent" of murders and murder victims are young male minorities

  • the way to bring down murder rates is to “put a lot of cops” in minority neighborhoods

  • minority neighborhoods - because that’s where “all the crime is”

Sean Hannity claims his ‘conscious is shocked’ by what Bloomberg said. :rofl:


Ya - I had Sean Hannity on briefly driving home from work and he was like “I lived in NYC, all the crime is definitely not black. Some gangs are even White”.

Blah blah blah , dEMs r dA rEaL rAcistS - these people with their false information are poison.

So in this scenario Bloomberg actually appears more based than Trump, lulz…

I’m sorry but the highlight here for me is still the fact that Trump – and conservatives in general – somehow still thinks that it’s some big “gotcha” when he does the DEMS HURR DUR REAL RAYCISS bit.

This has gotta be the single most cringe bit in politics today (or ever).

Hey I am not arguing the stats, because you and I both know who commits the larger proportion of crimes. And Sean Hannity? Don’t get me started on him!

What Bloomberg said is mostly true- the stats are a bit fudged, but the vast majority of crime occurs in minority neighborhoods, and the vast majority of both perps and victims are- minority.

Stop and frisk, ‘broken window’ laws actually worked. NYC went from a gritty cesspool to one of the nation’s nicest cities.

Then Dems took over and the slide began again.

I’m fine with stop & frisk; I have nothing to hide. Most law abiding citizens, regardless of color, have nothing to hide. So what’s the big deal? What I said, all major cities should have police commissioners like Frank Rizzo. When he ran the show, Philadelphia was the safest city in America.

Funny you should mention that. I read an article last night that NYC is slipping back into the crime sprees it saw in the 80s and 90s because the cops and the city government have no understanding of how bad things were back then and how much work it took to make the city clean and safe.

I believe Bloomberg has 10 or 12 armed body guards. Just sayin.

This one just surfaced too. Wondering why ‘Bloomberg Is Racist’ is trending #1…

It has way more to do with the insane “NO BAIL” law these morons put in place !!!

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I like to think of myself as a somewhat politically aware American, especially compared to a normie.

But I cannot for the life of me understand how Bloomberg, who has not been to a single debate or vote, is somehow running for President as a Democrat???

Can someone explain to me how he can do this other than he is rich?

Aside from the fact that he is outspending everyone else (see chart in OP) anybody can run for president of the United States, provided they meet the stated minimum requirements as stipulated by the constitution. There is no such standard where a candidate has to participate in any debates either.

Well take a close look at the field how many American are going to be for socialism ? How many dummycrats get there news from CNN , like Monty , We know CNN hates the front runner Sanders , Hillary despises the turd. How many sane Americans think we can spend 76 trillion dollars and still be afloat ? How many super RICH dummycrats are willing to be taxed at 80% and everything over 1 million the government TAKES AWAY ???

All told, Sanders’s current plans would cost as much as $97.5 trillion over the next decade, and total government spending at all levels would surge to as high as 70 percent of gross domestic product. Approximately half of the American workforce would be employed by the government. The ten-year budget deficit would approach $90 trillion, with average annual deficits exceeding 30 percent of GDP.
Your front runner ….

Or supply your tax returns :wink:

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Nothing frustrates me more than seeing a candidate full of flaws get dogpiled for the handful of things he said that were actually TRUE.


Doesn’t want to make me vote or have sympathy for him either. He is a country club liberal who thinks he can buy his way to the White House and that to me is more concerning, especially his anti-gun discourse.

This stupid bastard missed the Dale Carnegie Lessons…