🔴 Hello New member here, jitss617

Just saying a hello from Boston
Howdy all

Hmm red circle?? I just want to blend in

@asaratis ??

It’s just to draw attention to your introductory post. Whether you blend in or not is up to you.

Thanks buddy! How you been

Fine…since I discovered the epitome of free speech. Try to avoid being suspended from here. It doesn’t last forever, but could be for a thousand years! :rofl:

I suggest you read the guidelines…twice.

Wow such a negative response are you mad?

Great, they let this asshole in

I guess all his alt right buddies will show up now.

Now now… I am right, not alternative to the right, we went over this

Not in either sense of the word, mad.

I would link you to the guidelines, but I see the usual link has been changed.

Here is some other good info:

I follow the crowd and respond the same as others

Why does this name rings a bell?

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This category is not meant for new member introductions.

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