Gangs Of Illegal Aliens Brutally Murdering LA’s Homeless Population

What could I be talking about…:roll_eyes:

The op/thread title claim that LA’s homeless population is being murdered off by gangs of illegals.

That’s exactly what is happening. Watch the damn video or quit shitting up the thread with your irrelevant comments.


You’re not a moderator so mind your business. I’ll post whatever I want to.

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Trying to call out someone who is regarded here as the in house resident clown is akin to naming bozo as the next messiah! There is no substance to anything it posts here! Don’t waste your time with troll bots here that regularly posts trash on this site!

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No! They think the fake Climate Change narrative that they manufactured is more important than addressing real issues such as the homeless!

I wouldn’t mind going round for round with him but I find it to be dishonest to comment on a thread if you don’t know anything about the subject or refuse to read the sources or even watch the videos.

Really no excuse not to watch that video either. Some quality milk bags on display. Just stare at those and listen to the words :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well I guess they take "sanctuary " to be ……the immunity from law attached to a sanctuary

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Since most of them are drug addicts/drunks and/or mentally ill we might want to rethink that.

Arm the sober and sane and them protect the rest.

Not much they can do without being there at the time or having credible witnesses willing to testify unfortunately.

In some cities the gang homicides have an unsolved rate exceeding 90% because they don’t know who did it or can’t build a case to prosecute.

Shoot them down like dogs in the street and the cops end up in prison and the city goes bankrupt with lawsuits for “murdering innocent black men in the streets”.

Now, who says liberals don’t have a plan to control the homeless population?