Fully vaccinated Colin Powell Is dead of covid

Colin “Lied To The UN About Iraq” Powell was 84 years old and actually died of the rare blood cancer he had had for several years, his death had ZERO to do with COVID-19, he died from complications of his blood cancer.

IF Colin would not have tested positive for COVID-19 then at the age of 84 he would have beaten that rare blood cancer and gone on to live until he was 250 years old, it was COVID-19 that prevented all that from happening!

Let’s Go Brandon!

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Yep that’s true he did. But he was alone in that by no means, the rest of the neocons in the Bush administration were all right there with him. At least he’s the only one of that gang to have repented and acknowledged it as a stain on his career…

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Powell also helped allow states to cheat by saying he wanted Biden to win, rot in hell

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I didn’t know you were an antisemite.

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As were the Dems- you omit that; wonder why…

Well, because they weren’t a part of the Bush administration. :man_shrugging:

But did they support the war, oh hell yeah, along with ALL the news media and unfortunately most all Americans. As a real time opponent of the war, there was scant company and lots of criticism and accusations of America hater….

I didn’t know you considered the two synonymous :man_shrugging:

Neocons are Zionist Joos who wanted to bomb Iraq and Afghanistan back to the stone age (using stooges like Powell), and made Americans pay the price for it.

You think Cheney is a jjeeww….:joy:

No. A shabbos goy.

There’s a difference.

" While not identifying as neoconservatives, senior officials Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld listened closely to neoconservative advisers regarding foreign policy, especially the defense of Israel and the promotion of American influence in the Middle East."

Guess the shot worked for Powell, but the complications didn’t. Too late to ask him if he should’ve thought longer before receiving the shot.

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If he’s in the CFR, yes mights as well convert

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The CFR a one world government order has many high ranking political and country leaders as members.A Globalist Fraternity and a danger to all that believe in a countries individual sovereignty.