Fret Not fellow Christians

When it comes to values, there’s very little difference between Clinton and Trump. Which is why the two were such good friends until Trump ran for president. The whole pledge throughout the campaign to lock Hillary up was a charade to gin up support. He never intended to do such a thing and told the first rally goers so at the first post election rally…

It’s more like Trump was prevented from locking Hillary up.

Wrong. I just told you that he told rally goers a few weeks after the election, when they started chanting “lock her up”… no, that was for the campaign, we don’t care about that now…

Hillary is more powerful than meets the eye.
She is not just one woman.

She has the entire Deep State behind: the Fed, mainstream media and some factions of the CIA, FBI, etc.

I think you have abandoned all pretense of analytical, critical thinking, in favor of your passionate desire to prove a point.

The “evangelical right” would certainly prefer, no doubt, that the president were a fine role model for its children.

More importantly, however–at least, I would consider it to be more important–there is the matter of how he will leave this country for the next 40 or 50 years.

President Trump’s picks to the federal courts–and not just the SCOTUS, either–will have a long-lasting impact.

So the fundamental question really is this: Would our country benefit more from a president who is virtuous, but wishy-washy (or even, perhaps, left-leaning); or from a president who makes right-wing appointments to the federal courts, even though he does not appear to be especially virtuous (despite whatever symbols he might employ)?

And please remember: As the old saying goes, hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue.

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So again, the evangelical right has abandoned their so called high morals and values for a man utterly devoid of them because he’s delivering the goods they want. So why were they so vocal over the lack of morals and values of Clinton? It was an easy target sense he wasn’t delivering what they want. Total hypocrites with no legitimacy.

Says so another hypocrite who defines the word on a regular basis here!

Ok, so Hillary Clinton is more powerful than Trump. Guess I won’t take an issue with that. Even though that completely dismisses the fact that Trump came straight out and told chanting rally goers to stop chanting “lock her up”, as that was just rhetoric for the campaign. Clearly he used the hatred of the Clintons (a hatred that he didn’t share) to gin up votes, and it worked. Then he admitted to his supporters that they had essentially been duped.

But nobody watching from the sidelines was surprised, as Trump has no ideology, is an opportunist that will preach whatever doctrine the podium is paying…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

That’s very cool.
A politician needs no ideology.
He only needs to keep the country running, economically and financially solvent, and keep good people safe from criminals, inside and outside.

Which he’s doing utterly poor at. And you ignored the most important part of that. Trump never intended on locking Clinton up as he pledged. It was a ruse to gin up votes…:roll_eyes:

If it works, why not?
People hate the evil Clintons.

Never trust a politician who promises heaven.

Trust a man who removes the wrong in society one piece at a time. Everything has its timing.

Well at least you acknowledge he lied…

There is certainly no paucity of hypocrites on both sides of the political spectrum.

But let us, please, not devolve into tuquoque reasoning.

Yes, it is probable that many who nipped at Bill Clinton’s ankles were doing so out of less than pure motives.

But that certainly does not absolve the man, morally–or indicate that Donald Trump should be turned out of office. (As to the latter matter, Americans will have a chance to do precisely that in less than five more months.)

I wouldn’t disagree with that. But I was referring more directly to our conversation about the Christian community and it’s hypocrisy, and not so much the hypocrisy of politicians.

Well no, Clinton is absolutely not absolved from his immorality, nor is the Christian community absolved from their hypocrisy for making such a stink out of Clinton’s immortality, and I mean a STINK (you can refer to it as merely nipping at his ankles…:roll_eyes:) while giving wholesale excuse to Trump, who is magnitudes worse.

But I’ve always known it to be a group of fraudulent hypocrites.

Hypocrisy is your way of life

Your hatred is on display for all to see in every post

If it works for a politician that you approve of, “why not”…

As soon as it works for one you dislike, you’ll be calling it out…

Well that’s certainly subjective. Not only are there far more people with broader expectations of the president than that, our constitution requires much more. But not being an American or understanding our constitution, I’ll be lenient on you.

I’m talking about politicians in general.
Once politicians have ideologies, wars and bloodshed and other nasty things ensue.

Looking through some number of the posts in this thread, it appears there is no willingness of either side to even attempt empathy for the other.

Those who despise Trump see both he and his ‘followers’ as hypocritical at best and evil at worst because Trump is the poster child for a ‘flawed’ man. The worst part is the assumption/claim that his ‘supporters’ accept wholeheartedly his negatives. They don’t, period.

The Republicans/conservatives that I know are nothing like how they are portrayed by much of the media. First, they, like me, see Trump as the lesser of two bad choices. His tweets do not frighten Christians as much as Dem. pols who openly hate them, and use cancel culture to destroy those who dissent. Christians like the police, so when Trump shows support for cops, they aren’t offended, even if Dems. are.

They know that Dems take an incident, and blow it up into a vast self-infallible movement, and declare any who dare to question any aspect of the narrative or behaviors - racist. George Floyd was a thug- he just was (unless you think sticking a gun in a pregnant woman’s belly during a home invasion was a clumsy attempt at prenatal ultrasound). Mentioning that will bring howls of ‘racism!’ because he is part of the movement du`jour - he is 2020’s Rosa Parks. There are millions worldwide in vicarious pseudo agony over Floyd’s demise, but none about the 9 or 10 Black people shot every week in Chicago. This is not lost on Christians, nor are Christians, or Republicans the ‘stony hearted devils’ some imagine.