Feral Nigerian Rapper in Sweden Calls For White People to be Shot

I think it’s the nature and nurture thing; that they really did believe they were all refugees ‘fleeing war zones’, and in desperate need of solace and sustenance?

Ok, but what makes them so gullible? Why can they not think a little bit for themselves? If they are vegans, I can offer an explanation. If not, then I don’t know. The brain requires a nutrient called choline to function properly. The human body can make a little bit in the liver and there are minuscule amounts in vegetables, but the primary source is meat and dairy. There, scientific proof that vegans are stupid.

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I agree. They know the Russians operate by their own rules and don’t care / have never cared about what other countries think of them. In the case of Islamic subversion, Putin would defend Russia to the very last man.

My God , WHERE ??? Most blacks are ALWAYS the victim and we " owe " them , :roll_eyes:

All the hysterical Russophobia which these days is de rigueur in the West (think ‘Salisbury/Novichok’ for example) is because Putin makes our own ‘leaders’ seem like a bunch of wimps by comparison . . . which of course is the actuality.

You could be onto something there. lol Although I think it’s more to do with DNA - or even hormones? - than diet.

Northern European gene pool. Same as Polish women, but I bet you don’t see Polish women being pathetic feminist libs.

If any did, their menfolk would soon chance their minds.

Swedish people are Nordic and polish people are Slavic they are genetically two different groups

According to official statistics Sweden is 1.4% Muslim but 28.4% of the country is religiously unaffiliated I would love to know what the actual percentages are