Epstein is not dead. He is on a jet to Israel to live as a free and rich man

Hence the reason the FBI, DOJ, and BOP have all launched a massive joint investigation.

Maybe Trump can get BB to send him back?

Dems want a civil war in America?
Seems that way.



Not sure how valid this information is on Epstein but its worth a read if you’re interested…(yes…I know Loomer is Jewish - read the article).

Doesn’t anyone else think its weird how there was camera people who recorded/took photos of him while CPR was done on him in the open behind glass doors and not in his cell that doesn’t make sense at all… how would camera people know, why would they move him to do CPR at the front door in front of said camera people and not where he was found.

SOP is that you begin compressions as soon as you find and unresponsive victim and continue them until an attending physician tells you to stop. That generally happens in the ER.

Not the least bit surprising someone would try and get photos or video of the event knowing they would be of huge value to media outlets.

The camera was conveniently turned off for three hours. Just like during the London bombing.
I think something similar happened during the Diana murder in Paris.

These gangstas are so powerful, they can manipulate everything.

The camera was off for 3 minutes according to what’s been reported.

What is your source for the claim it was off for 3 hours?

This is it.


He is not Epstein. The man is Anthony Bourdain of CNN.


Bourdain in 2007

Prison worker claims an unmarked van and unknown military personnel showed up at the Metropolitan Correctional Center Friday night where accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was being held in and “switched him out” with a dead lookalike.

Epstein was swapped with a dead body (so that he could leave the cell)

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Well that’s odd enough. Only conservatives on this forum keep talking about that, and in seemingly glowing terms…:man_shrugging:



Seems as though this thread needs to be in the conspiracy forum…:man_shrugging:

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More reason not to believe the mainstream:

from jimstone.is

STUPID: Fox News reported that “Epstein’s cell mate” was removed right before “suicide”.

1. Epstein was in solitary You don’t get a cell mate in solitary. . . . 2. Epstein was on suicide watch. You don’t get a cell mate when you are on suicide watch. . . . . 3. Epstein was in protected custody. You don’t get a cell mate when you are in protected custody. . . . Who the hell writes this hoax news anyway? Obviously the lowest common denominator “no facts needed” types. AND PEOPLE ATE IT UP because it was on FOX.