Elon Musk's Twitter Aquisition, Censorship and the Proxy War +++ UPDATES+++

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In my opinion, you assumed at that time, he would join the board. The Team said it was contingent on a background check.They could claim underhandidly that his support of Trump would keep him out.
Elon did the RIGHT THING and if he buys Twitter outright, the Team couldn’t prevent him from restoring Trumps account a d eliminating the attacks on free speech ,which will BURN their Ass along with a possibility of mass resignations.
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You are right on all accounts. I could see a hostile take over taking place and he has the resources to do it. IMO the invite to the board deal was a strategic gambit by the company executives to limit his power. Now that he is not on the board he is free to purchase as much as he wants. We will have to see. I also think restoring Trump’s account is the least of priorities when he is advocating the platform restore free speech principles instead of censoring and canceling accounts especially when it came to prominent Doctors speaking out on COVID and vaccines efficacy.

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This is the author of the Revolver article listed on the OP. He makes some pretty sobering statements about this is going to be a war for controlling the narrative, something that both the deep state and the Political class see as their hill to die on.