Did anyone think America would end like this?

That’s some funny shit right there! :joy:

God I hope you boomers get your property taxes raised first. Lol.

Damn https://twitter.com/darrenjbeattie/status/1658575725463588864?s=46&t=jEzfgacfxMyTICsPuYXrYw

Modern day movies suck. And they wonder why Americans are in the street with needles in their arm, they have no pride, an American is spit on today.

He wanted them !!! Let him send them back to their hime country.


The United States is days away from a default and Lindsey Graham is in Ukraine promising to give away more of your tax dollars.

@soulpatrol you will like this

That sums up the Democrat party in a nut shell.

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Ohh my

One thing I hate about afro and Latin refugees is they don’t know what a line is. I go to the corner store, I stand at the counter conducting business, have my money out. And instead of standing behind me, they stand to my left or right. Today I told a hatian to stand behind me… no idea what I said…

Welcome to the new America

The old America. Same beach

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Set aside 8 minutes for this video.

Jitss is a :-1:t2: on the debt deal