Delete topic and refer to the generalized topic in place from the king

Deleted. Refer to the king for the proper place for comments.

Haven’t been silent on this issue, the Southern Border crisis thread has already covered it and it gets updated regularly!

Stop attacking other posters. Ever think we don’t like you?

But yes lou, we are in huge trouble… getting them out will require a civil war we have battalions of young men flooding this country every day illegally

Projecting once again! Go back to your little lonely hole where you belong!

Where are AMERICANS suppose to work?

Let me delete this topic as you seem to be running the show with your generic topics for every event in the world.

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This place hasn’t changed. And the people on the right wonder why they lose elections. CONTROL by the ruling elite.

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Hopefully @Patriot and @KVN see that one person shouldn’t control who posts and who doesn’t, like you said @Dr_Manhattan thinks his post are the only ones that are allowed here. Let’s hope they do something about the bully.

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You can not delete the topic and I am not sure why you are getting all bent out of shape about it. I have been covering “southern border crisis” for quite some time and this issue is not exactly new but also important. Are you only interested in creating topics for yourself or do you read any of the posts here, engage in discussing them that most of us are suppose to do?

Like Jitss617 do you actually write anything in your own words or do you copy and past like he does?

Don’t you think it would be more interesting if we could read something that you yourself wrote? Just curious and a honest question. Again don’t all sensitive on me again Louman when you take your ball and go home again!

This isn’t a personal blog post or newspaper for manhattan only, some others create great topic headlines that we want to read, not your boring monolithic boring posts. Stop bullying others

Oh that is rich coming for the biggest bully of them all here! You now cozy up to the only person who will talk to you like a trouser snake! That is what pathetic losers like you who are starved for attention do! Go on! Make another make believe friend with another burner account!

:rofl: :rofl:

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I’ve known @LouMan from
Other forums his post are insightful, and has topic headlines that create traffic for forums like this… @Dr_Manhattan go start your own forum if you don’t like it.

Hey like why don’t you tell every here how you served in the Military?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I talk often about my service… what’s your point?

You didn’'t serve! So why do you lie about it?

Are you projecting again?

Here is you in a dsperate move reviving topics because no one will talk to you loser.

Here is also you making up some pretty good fiction! What do you think you are Mickey fking Spillane?

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Seems to be gone isn’t it.

I don’t know dude! Anyway I wish you the best going forward!