“Dc police chief says”

HAHAHA Like you’re going to protest in Washington…you’re a fukin basement dweller
a limp wristed tiny dik retrumpliCON …your kind of tuff is hammering your key board…
what a little pimp…you’re a waste of oxygen…you’re not worth the powderit it takes to
blow you to hell… go to the back of the room wuss because your losing az party will be

HOLY FUK you are totally out of your mind…you have no idea and never had…you
fascists are in for some very ruff times and will be exposed for your anti American
ideas that the people haven’t heard yet…but all will know soon…

So when 2/3 of your party rejects all your fascist ideas what will you do… you’ll
hide in forums crying and crying about how bad everyone treats you…get
used to it…go to the corner with your dunce hat you…fukups

They are definitely changing the name

Yes, next name change will be to the United States of America, the America part will have to be changed to something, who knows what it will be?

The United States of Third World Shithole Scum and Transgenders?

The United States of Anti-American Scum?

BTW Jitss just ignore DaJackoff, why are you responding to an obviously mentally ill nutjob who’s posting from his filthy basement in his urine soaked underwear?

Hey lunnie lucy identify yourself now…the police don’t want you on any force…
your a pathetic excuse for any law enforcement… you are a fascist…russian
agent like donnie…your kind has murdered 5 people the Dec. 6th…we will get you
and put where you belong…back on the corner selling your az…have a good one huh

Isn’t it funny that since I used to own a internet company that has the ability to
find anyones IP address and where they live…maybe you don’t need to identify
yourself I’ll do it for ya…just sayin…

Yeah, and a nobel laureate and a black belt and heroically fight the bad guys like Billy Jack.

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You say such silly shit…do you have to call someone up to get it or do you just go into the bathroom
look in the mirror and your face instantly gives you such knock you socks off funny shit…huh and since you parade your picture around I can see where you get all that funny shit…everyone can…

Ask a couple of forums what I can do…hum

What forums would those be? Is there a Yelp review of you or something?