Corruption in Government

Half the nation is asleep and complacent, the other half is pissed.

The democrats made a choice to investigate the claims of fraud or just wait the clock out. They chose to wait the clock out and placed the Bidet in the WH They won but also lost. The next election will be based not on popularity or ability but who people dislike the most.


Not denying that giving away our right to bear arms is a week will move by the British public but Nigel Farage is gaining pace maybe he will become Prime Minister hopefully his previously said he would reinstate our access to bear arms I’m certainly in support of it but the general public in the UK is not unfortunately

I’mrealistically you guys got robbed in an election and Kennedy was clearly murdered by your own government whilst a sitting President and nothing happened I’m not a fed poster I’m not trying to antagonize people to make them make threats online against there government I just don’t see the will in the American public or any western population

You’ve not been living in America for many years maybe your finger isn’t on the Pulse of the American mainstream opinions and general consensus

This is one of those things where I’m certain I’m correct but I hope I’m wrong I don’t hope to see a bloody revolution in America but I would like to see a political Revolution where we finally start getting rid of corruption in politics and start putting the general public first as that makes a healthy and strong nation not just financially but socially

In many ways America is the Canaria in the coal mine so don’t feel bad about the fact that you’ve lost your will to a fight physical revolutions pretty much the whole world has we have it too easy and we’ve become too soft

As our country continues to deteriorate, need for change will increase.


That is patently false as its my job currently is disseminating news on political and social topics in America and world wide. My point was, you have to be American to fully understand what it is that I was referring to which you are not and have no idea.

Again, just ignore my previous point as its fairly obvious you have no idea what yo are talking about.

100% agree but its how that changes going to be achieved people generally don’t have revolutions when they’re fat

We do have a bit of an obesity problem.

Every time this conversation comes up you become upset

The reality is that when the presidency was stolen from Trump you sat around pontificators like a cuck whilst you’re born freedom to vote was stolen from you even Tim fence sitting Pool has been saying the America is due for a civil war the reality is nothing has happened Americans claiming to be ready to fight a bloody civil war is literally the equivalent of someone rapeing my wife after breaking into my house and me saying well if he sticks it in her ass then I’m gonna fight back physically you guys aren’t going to do shit that has been well documented the only people prepared to take physical action in America our left-wing lunatics that should be locked up and the only reason they do anything is because the legal system in America has been completely corrupted and weaponized against the general population

You have an openly corrupt president a openly corrupt legal system and they are attacking the former president and most likely candidate to become president this is after stealing the presidency from him and you guys still do nothing even though you have GUNS sorry to break it to you guns do nothing in the modern day in terms of changing government

On a side no that sounds like a really interesting job you have I would love to know who decided to pay you to disseminate American public opinion how does that job even become available and who would even pay for someone to do it basically you say your looking at polls for a living the same poles that said Hillary Clinton had like a 90 plus percent chance of winning a previous president’s election? Doesn’t sound like you have a job based in reality

Look you have no idea what’s going on you’re completely disconnected from reality if you think America is going to fight a bloody Civil War to change its political course

I don’t think I can have it back and forth with you over this because last time you became so upset but like I told you I’ll be near you geographically in 2024 I can give you a 2 months heads up and if you want to link up face the face and have a discussion I can do that with you just remember to be respectful when you’re dealing with me

Let me know if you want to link up anyway? And that’s something I offered the previously do of you as a friend so take it how you want

Yeah you guys are morbidly obese because your health care system pumps you full of drugs they’re allowed to pit hormones and corn shit in your food which is basically not allowed anywhere else in the world you guys have so much fluoride in your water that it makes you docile your basically a poisoned population and to make things even worse they’ve allowed the younger generations to smoke cannabis legally not in every state but that’s the game plan and then now allowing fentanyl over the border on top of that Joe Biden hands out crack pipe and free ejection needles a population facing these difficulties and I simplifies with you guys is not going to put on the camo shorts and start fighting a literal Civil War

I don’t mean to sound disrespectful but what I’ve said is literally reality

No I don’t get upset, only point out the fact there is a lot that you don’t know thus you make blanketed assertions strictly based on a opinion not on facts. Something you seem to gloss over many times and ignore the details of my previous statement. Go reread my statement and tell me where I said anything about fighting bloody civil war.

You should probably learn how to use commas and periods first before trying to use false equivalencies in a pathetic attempt to put words into my mouth.

You are out of your depth when discussing this topic as you are obviously obtuse with an agenda to bend a narrative to suite your opinionated nonsense that is not based on any substantiated research or knowledge that you possess.

Oh an about that nonsense that Americans have no stomach here is something you can read, that is if you know how to read!

The climactic standoff took place at a sandy underpass beneath Interstate 15, near the spot where the BLM was keeping the impounded cattle. Federal agents were outnumbered and outgunned by Cliven’s militiamen supporters, and within a couple of hours, they’d released the herd. A group of armed vigilantes—cowboy heroes, they believed, in their own modern Western—had prevented the U.S. government from enforcing the law. And they seemed to be facing no repercussions.

This is pretty much the sentiment all across the country (USA) now, something you obviously are ignorant to knowing because again as I stated previously you are not an American and couldn’t possibly understand what is happening to our way of life and culture.

Focus on fixing your own country buddy boy first before trying to offer some bullshit grammatically incorrect word salad to denigrate others.

People are obese as they eat garbage food, they lack motivation to exercise and are beyond complacent and have become sheep. Our education system is in shambles, our government corrupt our legal system a joke. Everyone has their hand out for more from the broken government.

Proof? People have college degrees and work at Mc Donalds. People pretend that inflation isn’t killing them and their future. Covid shots, the latest RSV vaccinations. Border is out of control and no one cares.

p.s. You find fluoride in the cities, That is half half the population. I have a 1200 ft well. Pretty hard water but drinkable.

Don’t kid yourself things are going to change whether the idiots in DC like it or no.

Do you see it?

Even if it’s only 50% of your population being given large number of fluoride that’s still 50% of your voting block and we’ve seen the way cities were very differently to the countryside

I mean there are multiple foods that are sold in America that you cannot eat in Europe it’s very common for people from America to come over to Europe and automatically lose weight just off this alone for an American to be fit they have to pay in more work than a European not because of different ethics or genetics but because of different food

I certainly hope things change in America your education system is run by leftist lunatics that promote racial activism homosexuality and communism basically self-hatred your legal system has been weaponized and used against undesirable citizens including a former president and hopefully future presidents and one of Obama’s most damaging policies was allowing the American population to be propagandaised never mind the race relations damaged

You guys got into the situation due to the political process no one had a gun to your head and made you accept it the only realistic and logical way out is to start dealing with corrupt politicians first you need term time limits no lobbying groups you have to deal with your medical industry just looking to the oxy cotton family and the system that allowed them to abuse it which in turn abuses the American population you need to sort out your schooling systems all the way from elementary school write up to university it’s not going to be an easy fix and it will take at least 20 years to genuinely fix because an entire generation starting with the millennials have been absolutely poisoned mentally in physically you have to start working on fixing future generations and correcting the damage on previous generations

When you got robbed in the last election you claim to be sitting on a hill with your dog getting ready to go to war it’s literally written on this website somewhere and you just stay because you’re fat and lazy

No one’s putting words into your mouth you just sit around talking rubbish about what you’re going to do you haven’t done anything

Let’s be realistic about your so-called job that you claim to have to win a argument which is pathetic from a grown man so you’ve gone from a intelligence military branch and you shared photos on a previous forum which other people said were fake the role you said you had you would not have been wondering around in the areas you showed pictures of that’s according to people that you accepted as being in the military themselves then he was a double agent or CIA agent I can’t remember something like a spy Jen showed the messages that you’d sent her then you was an international trader than you was the CEO of a music company and now you have another fictional job well guess what I’m your manager and your fired from your fake job why do you make these kind of lies up?

And you’re so called opinion on how the Civil War would work is literally a rip off of Tim Pool at least form your own ideas like I do but that would actually involve some originality something you do not have

I try to fix problems within my own country via voting speaking to people in real life and being productive for my family and four children you on the other hand makeup fake jobs to create an important for yourself something I doubt you have in real life

I told you that I was not going to be on this website regularly shortly due to changes in my life but that offered to link up is still there and if you call me boy we can link up and find out who’s the boy

I’ve known you online for a number of years I know you’re a liar I know you do not live the life that you claim to live due to holes in your story and the different things you’ve told other people which they share behind your back I’m not the person you should be disrespecting you should look in a mirror you fat slob

This may have seen a bit harsh but it was something you needed to hear you know I’m a friend of yours really I’m just trying to give you a kick up the backside to help you get your life on track you only have one life you can’t spend it making up shit on the internet and being disrespectful to people who have been nothing but kind to you over a number of many years

Viagra but for females.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Just had a look over some of your old posts talking about starving the left wing population’s to death on the coasts when they are globalists and we’ll just import food from their globalist allies about how the American public will not accept a authoritarian government when you ended up being locked in your homes forced to wear masks and give them covid-19 Vaccines average American family is $11,000 worse off per year due to a corrupt government that stolen election talking about IED’s against politicians overtime you could not have been more wrong revolt is just around the corner I’m fast approaching yeah that sounds like it would get pretty bloody trying to starve people to death and blow other people up with IED’s

The grand scale of delusion that you have is impressive I don’t think I’ve seen this in a long time why when you are so wrong consistently would someone pay you to disseminate America and global public opinion? Why is it when I talk about America it’s invalid because I’m not American but when you talk about multiple other countries it’s completely valid and someone’s even paying you to do it?

@Dr_Manhattan you’re not going to respond to this because in any meaningful way your a coward who makes up lies about themselves to give themselves a pedestal to look down on others but when challenged on this you resort to name calling trying to discredit other people because your a coward I know for a fact you’re already be complaining to admin trying to get me banned ridiculous

People can go back and look at my posts I’ve always been calling for a political resolution to America’s modern-day problems whilst delusional fat retards are calling for militias/revolt and then backtracking when none of this happens when previously apparently it was just around the corner

And GOP agrees :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:


Do as I say, not as I do.

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