Congress Committing Treason?

I agree… they are so angry that this man they hate is in charge and not the life long bureaucrats in the government. His policy is putting America first and its actually advancing our country and resonating with the American people. So long our voice has continued to go unheard. Democrats say this is want the American people want. I really wish they could just stop and acknowledge the real motive of their actions. Is their hate for Donald Trump really worth destroying all the Values this great Country was built on??? I don’t understand how we continue as a country so very divided.


@watithk, Congress is engaging in a constitutionally sanctioned process. None of them will be tried for treason and you can take that to the bank.

Well said; well thought-out and very truthful. What else need be said except to get this video to congress right now (deliver it to the right side please)

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A partisan House of Representatives is leveraging an ambiguous Constitutional process as a weapon and shield. Anyone with commonsense (a select minority) can deduce that this charade is being used to deter a formal investigation into former VP Biden.

In the process of the Democrats facing a Biden investigation, they said, “How can we spin this?” Shifty Schiff said, “I got an idea, we have these concerned partisan employees who assume the President’s inquiry is nefarious. Let’s make it about him and blame the public (i.e. whistleblower).”

Is there a case for treason? As much as we have a case for impeachment. But, I’m most disappointed in the defense of the President by the Congressional Republicans. Why are they not forcing the Democrats to prove intent?

Is it not libelous to accuse the President of the United States for trying to interfere with the 2020 elections without proving his intent? To prove his intent would require proving that he did not have a relevant national security concern, or that he knew of VP Biden’s innocence. Otherwise, the President has the Executive authority to negotiate foreign policy, especially in the capacity of the Commanderin Chief.

How could the President trust what he believes is a partisan FBI or other intelligence community to investigate the formerVP? Our country is a frog in a vat ontop of a stove. Substitute Biden with any powerful non-political corrupt American and you end up with United States v. Curtiss-Wright Export Corp. But, because it’s VP Biden, he’s untouchable?!?

Wake up America!


That is a republican talking point.

Do you have any evidence to support your claim? Prove that this is a Republican talking point.

Also, why can’t you ever refute anything with your own independent thoughts? You just pop in to shit all over the place, then leave. No discussion.


Schiff is going to be facing serious legal problems soon. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes right now, it what is certain is that things are going to come to a head soon!

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I think you need good punch in the mouth!


Can a talking point not be a fact?


In the dreamworld that liberals occupy, that argument is golden. The only arguments that are more persuasive to a liberal are these: (increasing order of awesomeness)

  1. It came from Fox News
  2. It came from Russia
  3. I came from a racist
  4. It came from Trump
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I suppose so, but not in this case. Witness testimony has established the fact that Trump abused the power of his office, and he certainly has obstructed congress from doing their responsibility. He has defied subpoenas and blocked witnesses from testifying.

What witness? What fact?


IMHO, it is our nearly perfect Constitution that keeps us together. Both sides of the two party system we somehow manage to retain claim that they support and are sworn to protect it.

Here lately, the far left has been advocating doing away with the Electoral College (in order to attain and retain forever the Oval Office and eventually the entire Judicial branch. They already have a firm grip on the latter.

True, but the liberals, with their gun control agenda and their unethical abuse of power in the House (these days) are pushing for unconstitutional rules and legislation. The current impeachment circus is THE prime example of unconstitutional politics.

#1 I’ve not heard anyone successfully rebut that claim. Of course the lamebrain Democrat Party disagrees, but the evidence of it is sinking in with the voters. Schiff was shouted down in California recently…as he should be. He’s a congenital LIAR.

The “witnesses” have done no such thing. The first witness called as a performer in the Schiff circus had already lied under oath. The four “constitutional law professors” gave their opinions only…and all of them were Democrat voters with three being Big donors to Democrats. All but one was a Trump-hater. Turley was the only one that spoke with a modicum of objectivity.

Trump refused to participate in the circus. Had it been fairly run by Sheriff Schiff instead of taking on the aura of a kangaroo court inquisition, he’d likely have been less reluctant to accommodate Schiff’s demands.


R u serious?? This is the problem. How can you draw that conclusion? This is a product of mainstream media, another sheep in the flock. Please read and investigate for yourself. Don’t just fall in line. You don’t have to agree with everything Donald Trump does. But if you believe in America I think you may understand why this is so wrong. Understand the constitution… draw your own conclusions.

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Yes, I am serious.

I draw my conclusion by the fact not one person could credibly tie Trump to what the House wants to impeach on and it sets a very bad precedent that has and will divide this country.

As an FYI, I did not vote for Trump in 2016, nor do I agree with everything he does. Isn’t that shocking?

However, I will vote for him in 2020 based on what he has done, on what he has accomplished with both hands tied behind his back by a democrat party that got what percent of the vote of Americans?

Perhaps you think I want America to look like San Francisco? The Speaker of the Houses’ shining example of what liberals would do to this country?

I’m not a Constitutional Scholar and I doubt you are either.

However, my conclusions are drawn upon what this country was founded upon, the Constitution and the INTENT of the Constitution which is being bastardized by the left.

So, do not even begin to question my belief in America.

@asaratis thank you for correcting my auto correct from president to precedent. :+1: :us:

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My mistake… just joined it was you taking what someone else said I put the wrong name… I apologize I agree with your review mostly.

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I ment comment not for DMK but for Montecristo1

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Montecresto1 that comment was directed to you

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We all make misteaks! :innocent:

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There is none! Crusty is parroting again the MSM propaganda!