CNN Producer Arrested for Child Rape

When reading this story and the details of the indictment I was sick to my stomach! Someone coined the acronym of CNN as Criminal news network. Jeffery Toobin caught Masturbating on a live zoon call. Don Lemon is accused of sexual harassment, Chris Cuomo accused of sexual harassment and covering up for his brother who was forced to resign in shame from being Governor of New York and now this! See a pattern here? CNN and Democrats are disgusting perverts who promote child pedophilia and should be hung from street lamps on every street in America. CNN of course will not be airing this story anytime time soon, and I’d say its high time that the so called news network is blown up and taken off the air permanently!

As far as the criminal charges are concerned the mother of the child should also face some serious repercussions for allowing this to happen! Where is the father?

John Griffin should get life in prison for this disgusting act! No exceptions! I literally want to go find this guy and beat the shit out of him but I guess prisoners will get their chance because whatever this guy has coming to him he will deserve every bit of it!

The 44-year-old CNN producer from Stamford CT, who worked ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with Chris Cuomo according to the Daily Mail, ‘used Google Hangouts and Kik to convince the mothers that a “woman is a woman regardless of her age,” and that “women should be sexually subservient and inferior to men,” according to a Friday indictment.

In June of 2020, Griffin advised a mother of 9- and 13-year-old daughters that the mother’s responsibility was to see that her older daughter was “trained properly.” Griffin later transferred over $3,000 to the mother for plane tickets so the mother and her 9-year-old daughter could fly from Nevada to Boston’s Logan airport. The mother and child flew to Boston in July of 2020, where Griffin picked them up in his Tesla and drove them to his Ludlow house. At the house, the daughter was directed to engage in, and did engage in, unlawful sexual activity.

Griffin faces 10 years to life in prison if convicted on each federal count.

“We take the charges against Mr. Griffin incredibly seriously,” a CNN spokesperson told the Mail on Friday. “We only learned of his arrest this afternoon and have suspended him pending investigation.”

According to the report, Griffin had been with CNN since 2013, working on New Day when Cuomo was the host. More recently, he was a producer for political analyst John Avalon.

Pretty sick stuff. The child should also be removed from her mother’s custody.


I totally agree! I just can’t believe a parent can do this to their child, then again the world steadily spiraling into chaos with lawlessness nothing surprises me anymore, but nevertheless she should face criminal charges for child endangerment.

And these gay freaks are allowed to adopt babies , WTF

Yeah! Gays should not be allowed to adopt children under no circumstances! I don’t give a shit about their BS equal rights nonsense, this is a total Marxist doctrine shit show being allowed to destroy traditional biological parental roles. Allowing gays to adopt children is one way of destroying a nation and its core values. You think China or Russia would allow gays to adopt Children? I think not! No wonder why a generation of children are growing up confused and messed up!


This should make Americans SICK …

That is disgusting! Really! What type of deviance goes on in these homes I wonder!

Never fear! Chris Wallace will save CNN! :grin:

What is going on at CNN is pretty disturbing with Okeefe’s latest video revealing more sickos!