Buy American and settle for something you really don't like, or?

Mine was the old Jag and they were a tinkers dream.

A real sports car unmatched by most foreign and domestic manufacturers.

I had a wiper motor go out. The dealer wanted 500 to replace it, I paid 150 and did the repair myself. If I didn’t take it out and open it up every week or so I had to have it tuned up. My mechanic charged my 200 which was less than half the dealer charged.

Personally I am a GT 40 and Aston Martin fan! Jags never did anything for me! I currently own a Saleen 351 Boss and I am seriously considering trading it in for an Aston Martin!

The “Gull Wing”! Pretty rare and collectors dream!

If it makes you feel any better Jaguar is owned by Ford.

There you go, buy used and it doesn’t matter who made it originally!

No it is not! It is owned by Tata motors which also owns Landrover! Jaguar used to be owned by Ford!

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Wrong again, oh brilliant one!

Jaguar is owned by Tata Motors, in India…since 2008…ELEVEN YEARS AGO!

Do try to keep up!

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Well forgive the hell out of me, I wasn’t aware it had sold.

Most of my life, I have always bought American made products. Even if they are abit pricey, I rather settle for “Made In the USA” than some crap made in China.
I am Asian-American and I don’t buy Sony-made products, just because I am Asian. I do however, buy Chinese food. But that is once a week. :smiley:

I have long been buying American products way before Trump or even Reagan was in Office. Because, I try to do my part as an American to buy stuff here. Even though, it maybe cheaper. In some cases, Chinese-made products break more than if it was made in the USA.
I love JLC speakers and Panasonic stereos. I wear Tommy Hilfiger clothes and Ralph Lauren.

Glad you clarified that as otherwise it would be cultural appropriation.

A black mark for you but I cannot say that as it’s racist.

Product are not mad to last forever and they are not made to be repaired.
Had a vacuum cleaner, upright, Hoover. Used it for years until the beater bar destroyed the plastic case. The part to repair it cost 130 bucks and I do the labor. New vacuum, upgraded model, 125 bucks.

Printers, DVD players, CD players, TV’s, etc. All disposable products that cost more to repair than to replace.

I prefer made in the USA however made in the USA is often assembled in the USA with foreign components. We have a major problem today, imports are cheap. With that comes the problem, 30% of military electronics are made in China. We have a 300 billion+ deficit with China very year. China controls the rare earth metals market after forcing US rare metals companies out of business. It’s allowed a foreign country to buy American companies retiring all profits to China. It’s allowed China to control over 1 trillion in US debt.
The issues with foreign trade with China is just the largest example of what’s wrong with the US today. We either control our destiny and take back control of our economy or we sell it to the world as we are today.

What could possibly go wrong???

I was being funny about the chinese food comment. Who doesn’t eat chinese food? Lol

Apple, GM, and many other US-based companies have factories in China. Trump has long been against exporting our companies overseas. He believes that they do that to avoid hefty taxes. And that is like “cheating” on your taxes. You get to not pay the entire tax or none at all in other countries.

Allright, that is the last straw with you, Mister… You are going on my ignore list :rofl::joy::wink:

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Haha! No chinese food for you! :rofl::rofl::rofl::joy:


I know I replied with sarcasm aimed at the politically correct

Business do not pay taxes. Taxes are a cost of doing business and factored into the cost of goods and services we buy every day.

Burger King did a reverse sale with a Canadian company and s now a Canadian company cutting their taxes. Could it be our corporate taxes are too high??

Business responds to high taxes either by cutting expenses, people or exporting jobs and manufacturing. What could possibly go wrong when your corporate taxes are among the highest in the world???


Or some combination of all of the above.

Sweet ride BR
Sure Stellar would be impresses ha

American car companies don’t know when to stop dicking around with the designs. Take the Chevy Impala for example. It was a great selling car for Chevy and now they can’t give them away so Chevy is going to drop the Impala. Not the first time Chevy has done this.

The Impala had a loyal following when it had the V8 and looked sporty. Granted the Impala was never the supercar in the Chevy lineup but it filled a gap in their lineup. People that wanted a sporty looking car but was large enough to carry the family around and with the V8 had some get up and go the Impala filled that need.

Over the years Chevy kept dicking around with the Impala until finally they ended up with a car no one wanted. It was almost like Chevy wanted to kill off the Impala or just maybe their design team had their heads up their asses. Either way an icon will soon be gone.

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