75th Anniversary of Tokyo Fire Bombing

In other words, it was purposely made impossible for Japan to surrender (until two more atomic bombs were made ready to go).

n April and May 1945, Japan made three attempts through neutral Sweden and Portugal to bring the war to a peaceful end. On April 7, acting Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu met with Swedish ambassador Widon Bagge in Tokyo, asking him “to ascertain what peace terms the United States and Britain had in mind.” But he emphasized that unconditional surrender was unacceptable, and that “the Emperor must not be touched.”

By early July the US had intercepted messages from Togo to the Japanese ambassador in Moscow, Naotake Sato, showing that the Emperor himself was taking a personal hand in the peace effort, and had directed that the Soviet Union be asked to help end the war. US officials also knew that the key obstacle to ending the war was American insistence on “unconditional surrender,” a demand that precluded any negotiations. The Japanese were willing to accept nearly everything, except turning over their semi-divine Emperor. Heir of a 2,600-year-old dynasty, Hirohito was regarded by his people as a “living god” who personified the nation.

Did the Soviets forget to talk to the US???

And the emperor was not touched.

But there was an unconditional surrender.

Someday maybe you’ll relate the entire story instead of cherry picking.


The US knew Japan would not accept that condition.
(He was not touched after all.)

The Wall Street cabal wanted to test nuke bombs on live cities so that it could blackmail the entire world of goyim.

This is the rest of the story you chose to ignore.

The US was ready to sacrifice tens of thousands of its servicemen on account of one individual?
It doesn’t make sense.

Maybe it’s ignored as you provide ZERO proof.

Or another way to say it, your opinion.

The Japanese military would not surrender even though the war they started was lost and it would have been combat on the ground lasting years longer then an already long war with just as much loss of life which would also include more loss of American service men’s lives because every Japanese man, woman and child was prepared to die for their divine emperor, that’s why it took two bombs and the Emperor Hirohito himself to finally order the military to surrender. We did scorch the earth in Nagasaki and Hiroshima to end the war but we rebuilt those cities during our 25 years of occupation.



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He was in the Air Force.

FDR didn’t give a shit, did he?


Who’s “We”? Are you ■■■■■■■

The greatest book I have ever read concerning the development of the A Bomb was by General Leslie Grooves.The book is a masterpiece! “Now It Can Be Told”

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Are you crazy? I think so! :roll_eyes:

“We” is the United States who occupied Japan for 25 years after WWII. “We” rebuilt that country from the ashes of a war they started.

And by the way, FDR was dead at the time of the bombings and it was President Truman not willing to lose more American servicemen lives with a land invasion of defeated Japan, it took two bombs and the Emperor himself to order Japans military to finally surrender.

And YES the people of Japan were of the mindset into believing their Emperor was a “living god” and would have been expected to give their lives for him and even forced to by a radical and vicious Japan military and that’s why it took two freaking bombs. Emperor Hirohito was forced to make a public announcement to the people of Japan that he was not divinity which helped save his war criminal neck from the noose.

Get a grip… on a history book!


Who benefited?
Certainly not average tax-paying Americans.

Bad karma comes around. The war was started by the Freemasons in Japan, US and Europe.

Yes, FDR was dead was already burning in hell when Truman took over and inherited his legacy.

Emperor, despite his reputation, had no power.

Dresden bombing, fire-bombing of Tokyo, each of which killed 100,000 women and children and more…
Truman does not merit the honor.

Well you’ve certainly reminded me why it does not good to talk historic facts or anything else with you. So I’m done… talk to yourself and stew in your hate. :grimacing:

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He lies as easily as he blinks or breathes and the facts are always irrelevant.

No matter the subject he can and will always work in some ridiculous, completely implausible and unsupportable conspiracy no matter how impossible or insane.

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We infos everyone.

You are to everyone nor am I.

You understanding of history a bit tainted by the rags you read makes for a source of entertainment for all. Until they tire of stupidity.

One thing is for sure.
Those who watch CNN (or have no need for it because they are already dumbed down) and believe school textbooks blindly will never know.
And it’s their problem.

The following are two speeches made by a High Priest from a normally correct Buddhist Sect in Japan. Read it carefully, it demonstrate how even some Buddhist Priests had thrown in with the military government. This priest did however come to a very fitting bad end and the evil was exposed.

This slander against Nichiren and his real Buddhism, created the Cause and Effect of the karmic destruction of Japan, by Nuclear bombs.

At this point, the insane, military, Shinto government had infiltrated even sone Buddhist sects.

These speeches were and are considered completely heretical, putting Buddhism as lesser than Shinto “Emperor is god” worship.

In a letter published January 1942 in Dai-Nichiren, (magazine) a Nichiren Shoshu
magazine to all Nichiren Shoshu priests, Nikkyo Shonin writes:

The 29th Admonition
To all Nichiren Shoshu priests

As we declared war against the United States today, I was overwhelmed by a
deep feeling. More than four years have passed since our Empire punished the
tyrannical Chiang Kai-Shek (like the “Rape of Nanking”?) the administration
to launch the creation of the new order in East Asia. Japan, Manchuria, and
China now enjoy mutual friendship and prosperity due to these
accomplishments. However, the United States and Britain have ignored these
facts, and continued to support the Chongqing government to keep it engaged
in hostilities against us. They have also attempted to hamper us with
economic sanctions. They called upon their allies to form a militaristic
encirclement to threaten us and obstruct the Imperial scheme. Although the
Imperial Government patiently sought to reach a resolution peacefully, the
United States and Britain not only arrogantly refused it but also denied the
Imperial principle. We should not allow ourselves to accept their abuse any
longer. Our Empire and its great achievements are faced with a serious
crisis. The Japanese Empire has thus entered war against them resolutely. We
must stand up to overcome all obstacles as the heirs of Japan’s immortal
history of over 2600 years.

Fortunately, the Empire is endowed with an army and navy of unrivaled valor
and loyalty under the imperial authority. They have already made remarkable
achievements upon the very opening of this war. We profoundly appreciate
their efforts, and their success is expected to continue. However, in light
of the surrounding circumstances, this war will last for a long time, and we
must be ready for that.

Based on the Buddha’s mandate, we must now summon our faith to endure all
and take part in ensuring our victory in this unprecedented war.

December 8, 1941
Nikkyo Suzuki, High Priest, Nichiren Shoshu.
The January New Years greeting message by the same High Priest Nikkyo
Shonin in 1942 reads:
“We, the Japanese Empire, have declared war against the United
and Britain. Within three days after the outbreak of the war, we
achieved brilliant results in the entire Pacific. The luxurious
British fleet suffered a crushing defeat, like a crumbling palace. In Hawaii
and Manila, we were able to achieve great results that are unparalleled in
the history of the world. These results not only
moved the people of Japan to tears but aroused a deep sense of
gratitude in them, which struck the whole world with amazement and
admiration. Consequently, our Imperial Navy secured the command of
the ocean and the skies of the Pacific.
Now, I pray that the people behind the guns, regardless of whether
they are young or old, men or women, will not be elated by victory
together with the fighting forces who were devoted to the sacred war, but
rather will not neglect to tighten their helmet strings after victory. With
an indefatigable spirit and a strong unity as hard as iron and stone, I
hope, they will keep their posts of responsibility, summon up their courage,
strengthen their faith and, in obedience to the Imperial decree, persist in
their devoted services to the country. The peace and security of the land
will be achieved only when the festival of the Mystic Law is held.”

As anyone can see, Japan had been coerced to go insane.

This statement above, “Based on the Buddha’s mandate, we must now summon our faith to endure all and take part in ensuring our victory in this unprecedented war.”…is completely anti-Buddhism.

I’m not a big fan of Nichiren.
The 20th century cult “Soka-gakkai” worships him or the lotus sutra.
I don’t get good vibes from them.

I don’t know much about Shinto, except it has no theology, as Joseph Campbell describes in one his his books (Power of Myth? Maybe)

Shintoism is an extension of shamanism. (That’s my opinion.) There are good shamans and bad, dark shamans.

Interestingly, the Japanese word “kami” (god) comes from Ainu “kamui” (spirit). There are many more Ainu words that made their way into Japanese through their contacts 3000 years or longer.

I know a lady, who is the granddaughter of Emperor Meiji, and she has some youtube stuff etc in English. (Mrs Kaoru Nakamaru) She basically said the military forced the emperor (Hirohito) to sign the declaration of war or something like that. I think Hirohito was a victim too, and I’m sure he wouldn’t have hesitated to face the rope if that’s what McArthur wanted in 1945.

History repeats itself, because it’s the same lunatics bound by the wages of sin, revolving endlessly, Grudges repeating over and over, in the karmic samsara of life and death and this goes on today. Some become animals for aeons living in mutual murder by their own past deeds, and some are bodhisattva, there to help. Some move upwards like inchworms, only to fall back down. Good people, recognize their true nature and vow to follow the True way.

There is specific karmic punishment and General karmic punishment, General punishment can mean punishment to an entire nation, as happened to Japan and Germany or Rome and many other historical peoples, in the most extreme ways. It is all due to a nations slander of true religion and the Supreme Law and it’s votaries, that a nation or people would suffer such punishments.

Japan’s slander and war against the world, received the most terrible punishment.

All these things are the workings of the wonderful Law of cause and effect.

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