$3 Billion, 300-Acre MegaCity Envisioned For California's Record Homeless

Very useful … thanks for posting this. I have noticed, when I’ve been in California, that the homeless are almost always people with some sort of mental problem. They’re not unemployed auto workers, like in that song in “Born in the USA”.

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Absolutely agree. Conservatives should do more to push for services for vets who need them.

Which is usually due to disabilities, drug abuse, or both. Vets have plenty of help allocated to them, but they have to want the help.

Tell us of your experiences maneuvering through the VA system.

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Right now this is only the brainchild of one random person who declared himself to be an activist. It’s good for clickbait but nothing else. This is not happening and it’s never going to happen. It’s not even funded.

Don’t kid yourself, we’re talking about California where every leftwing wet dream comes true.

Except that high-speed rail that you just referenced.

Oh it came true in that they funneled billions into the pockets of their donors which was the plan all along.

Vets have the VA option, but that doesn’t mean they can only go to the VA. They can still get employment-based health care, private health care, or medicare/medicaid. That’s strictly more than the options non-vets have access to.

Tell us of your experience in maneuvering through the VA health system.

Homeless unemployed vets don’t have access to employer provided or private insurance.