19 children, 2 teachers shot and killed at Texas elementary school

There is no proof that this piece of crap was trans. From what I have read the photo you linked to was lifted from someone else’s account.

In the first few days of anything like this there is a crap ton of speculation.

However what cannot be disputed is 18 children not much older than babies are now dead because of this monster. Its beyond sad.

He wasn’t in the nra but he lgbtq

You may be right and I corrected the post to reflect that, however Transgenderism is a mental illness much like the rest of the country suffers from.


This was pretty pathetic!

Agreed. It was pretty disgusting to see O’Rourke doing this. Not his finest moment and I would love to give him the benefit of the doubt but from my perspective he was playing a crass game of politics.

All the Leftists will blame everyone from the NRA to a fork lift driver at a factory that makes AR15s for this tragedy.
Noone will ask how he got into the school and the lack of security. Did his family recognize that he had mental illness .
Law abiding gun owners and gun manufacturers are easy targets for Gun Control Nuts.A convenient time for this to happen before November elections.
It’s too hard to strengthen laws or enforce laws in place. This requires too much thinking by All politicians.

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Something that stands out to me is these cops weren’t American, they are almost all Latino. Your average American texan would have ran in there guns blazing hitting the target, Latinos won’t, they are scared. They don’t share my American culture. Let’s keep that in our minds as we move forward with immigration laws.

The update on this story is the Police and the commanding officers were ultimate failures in how they handled this situation. They waited 40+ minutes believing that the shooter barricaded himself and that police on the scene were handling it, however as more reports are coming out, the narrative is that they were too scared to go in the school while parents were pleading with them to do something.

This shit is not adding up! The police chief won’t be able to show his face again in that town and should resign.


Example of scared police

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This is what happens when you change the heritage, culture, and language of a country in 30 years.
No one likes each other enough to save other parents kids .cops were running in there grabbing their kids with shot guns, leaving kids in a room with a killer.

If this was 1970 cowboys who once occupied this part of town, they would have smelled gun smoke for months and picking this guys body parts up for years.

End immigration, deport deport deport

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I’ll meet you halfway. End ILLEGAL immigration. Deport the illegals here now.


For deporting going back to 1610

Well, THAT’S original.


UN-freaking-believable! This POS was firing his weapon for 12 minutes before entering the school.

That happens to be the voting block of the demoRATS .


Fox News talking heads asked today why Joe Biden won’t stop the caravan of 50,000 illegals heading our way. Lol


It’s 50,000 more votes .


More liberal WH diversions from the total incompetency of this administration . Inflation at a record high , gas prices soaring and dems are investing in electric cars .

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More like 500,000 more votes. Democrats will send in ten ballots each.

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