183 humans arrested for setting the bush fires! Tell Russell Crowe ASAP!

I claimed it because it is the only incontrovertible proof which would stand up in a court, and how many cctv installations are there in the middle of forests or in the further reaches of the Australian outba . . . well I think you’ll get my meaning, but please don’t feel the need to come back and tell me!

That’s just fabricated bullshit on your part. Video most certainly isn’t the only evidence that will stand up in court.

Don’t you ever get tired of typing those words to PB members? It’s like everyone posts fabricated bullshit except you. :smile:

Everyone but me doesn’t just post fabricated Bullshit.

You and Digi are the notable exceptions who post virtually nothing but fabricated bullshit.

When hasn’t liberal trash twisted every disaster to promote their cause real or imagined ?