WTF! Atlanta Democrats shred ballots after audit was agreed too!

Wtf is going on here! Fulton country Abrams cheating head quarters shredded ballots that were ordered to be audited! Where is the fbi!? Wtf kind of country are we living in?

More right wing bs…don’t you guys ever get tired of lying…constanty saying the earth is flat…
But you are the party of retrumpliCONS…Lying is the standard for all you say…get over it
donnie is a loser…A BIG LOSER…and those Dems you keep trying to portray as dumb kicked
his ass or as you like to say cheated poor little donnie the con man out of the presidency…Hasn’t
donnie said he’s smarter than everyone huh… yet those so called dumb Dems trashed him…
out smarted him kicked him out of the Presidency and is going to have him and his crooked family in court the rest of donnie and their lives…

donnies is a impeached loser big fukup con man murderer that’s soon to be gone :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Michigan has certified its vote total despite mismatching poll books, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer has prevented any closer examination of election results by ordering the deletionof election data. This is in the face of the results of an auditof the Dominion voting machines in Antrim County, MI, which suggest software errors that “intentionally generate an enormously high number of ballot errors

Yes, they are covering up he fraud committed in their states and should be prosecuted.

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LOL, the impeachment for nothing that went nowhere.

Seriously… have a drink.

Hey DaJackass. How many of your Commiecrats have clean hands especially Clinton,Schmoebamma and Joe Stalin Biden???