Why the word J-E-W censored?

Since I discovered this while replying to a US News and Politics post, I believe it is relevant.

Yes, pretty much every political message board bleeps the N word. Tell me again how J-E-W is a bad word.

This forum doesn’t bleep the word “shit.”

Help me out here, mods. And do it publicly. Do you have something against J-E-W-S? Why does the word J-E-W get bleeped, but not the word “shit?”

This is an honest AND RESPECTFUL question. I merely want to know the reason.

Well now F-A-G is too .

So what’s so special about that crowd? Zero is special about them they are no different than anyone else. I mean WHY aren’t Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness or Buddhist also censored? Are people allowed to mention and/or criticize Hindu’s or Mormon’s but NOT allowed to mention and/or criticize J-e-w-s?

Jeez that crowd are so thin-skinned :roll_eyes:

Anyone notice the Prosecutor in rittenhouse trial is ■■■■■■

I was just wondering that. It it religious bigotry on the part of this place?

I don’t think that makes any difference at all.