Why does everyone think republicans are going to win in November?

You allowed democrats to cheat in 2020, you have done nothing but allow anyone that said trump won to get attacked by our DOJ, and a unselect committee, they are getting Financially blasted with law fees.
Democrats can stack millions of ballots and say they were harvested. And beat any Republican. Fix 2020 now!

All the rinos on this board want the dominant winner of 2020 not to fight back, limp dick simps. You know who you are

It will be the same in the next two elections - mail -in fraudulent votes

Well we should be demanding the fbi investigate or face tyranny charges.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
The same fbi that allowed Hillary to hammer her phones ? The same fbi that fabricated the Russia BS ?

Have it open to the public