"Who’s the President of the United States?" Listen to FBI agents

@6:15 or so

“Integrating” is what he wanted to say, I think. @8:55

Its doesn’t matter, the ones who are pulling the strings are not of this world. White and Red horses are now roaming the Earth, next will be famine! The pale horse!

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What a complete crock of shit. And tell me Didge exactly how you have independently verified the grandiose claims this guy makes???

He’s not the only one making these claims.

Ok, what other unheard of Joe has been saying that the FBI and secret service has been out to see them because they were spreading true but sensitive information that the government clearly wouldn’t want out there….

Please post evidence. Like maybe this nut jobs son was in the back ground recording the encounter on his cell phone……:thinking:

One can only hope!