White House Talking Points Preempt Whistleblower

To be fair, the GOP seem to also be spending record amounts to avoid a government shutdown.

They should shut down the government as dysfunctional as it is.


I’ll drink to that! :beers:

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Great post - now apply that same thinking to Hillary’s emails and Benghazi.


Whataboutism is a Russian disinformation active measure, just an FYI… Deflection to Clinton is simple deflection when no other tactic is left to address the actual topic.

Deplorable whataboutniks. I wish I could make T-shirts

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They can get over that they lost 2016 and realize Trump will be re-elected.

When they start working for the American people and upholding our Constitution then perhaps the Dems can undo the message they’ve sent.

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We did, and 8 incarnations of republican investigations wasting its millions of tax payer money netted NOTHING…

Did Hillary Clinton violate procedures put in place to safeguard Top Secret classified information?

It is often used to illustrate double standards. Those that condone or defend Bitchillary in the email scandal and the Benghazi lies should have no right to criticize Republicans for anything they do.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.


What does that have to do with Benghazi, and the eight different investigations that republicans wasted millions of dollars on coming up empty handed each time?

They’ll try to diminish you by stating that liberalism is a mental disorder. Though there’s no such medical diagnosis. Just go ahead and tell them that conservatism is a mental disorder I suppose…

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Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment momentum!:rofl::rofl:

A fine example of a Hillary fetish unchained.

One only has to look at your bs posts to know your liberalism is indeed a mental disorder! Being in denial of that fact is what makes you libbies comedy gold! Your either a paid schill made to look stupid or you really are that dumb!

Your posts on this forum are total examples of what you describe…I doubt that the ability to acknowledge this however.

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Look in the mirror buddy! You are the epitome of what a troll is! You offer no value in the way meaningful dialogue with anyone here!

Just ignore and engage those who are capable of actual conversation less the insults and personal attacks. There’s little mystery why they support Trump.

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Or call them “whataboutniks” soon to be on the APA list I’m sure


Most people are guilty of whataboutism. A knee-jerk response or a last-resort defense when we’ve got no good way to answer a criticism or charge. It’s also a pretty good way to shift the attention off your mistake and onto your accuser.

Nahhhh, find me a post of mine that needs that type of propaganda technique.