"When Wolf Blitzer is The Voice of Reason, WOW!" 🤣 Nancy Pelosi's Epic Meltdown

I don’t make a habit of posting commentarys from known leftists, but have to give credit is due to Jimmy Dore for being objective and calling spade a spade. Here is your Democratic hypocrisy on display!

Jimmy Dore Commentary


This is what elitism looks like on the left.

What makes this latest spectacle so remarkable, is the hubris and condescension in this video snippet, especially when many consider that Wolf Blitzer is a fellow traveler, friend and ally of Pelosi, and professional narrative engineer for the political left.

After being asked a question about her refusal to accept a compromise $1.8 trillion spending package for COVID-19 economic impacts, Nancy Pelosi has a total meltdown. Pelosi is so unfamiliar with even gentle push-back, she cannot fathom an alternate point of position that does not carry exclusive democrat political benefit. This is wild:

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The left always eats itself. Someone always has to be holier. Same with Bernie, he has to be on top of the woke game, or the fact of him now being a “millionaire” will boost him all the way up to the social guillotine.

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Sometimes poetic justice is served at the right time in the right place when nobody is expecting it. This is one for the ages that no one is going to forget soon, especially two weeks before the Presidential elections. This should be used for fodder to remind everyone why Leftist Democrats are idiots and hypocrites at the same time!


Or should it just be aptly stated as “hypocritical idiots?” :rofl:

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Wolf must be writing a book and needs sales Sooooooooo …

Oh please stop with the cynicism, you are overflowing with it! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The follow-up with Jimmy Dore. He strikes again and calls out Nutty Nancy’s daughter and her absurd claim of sexism.