When In Doubt, Blame the Honkies

Apparently Caucasian Americans are the root of all evil.

I farted whilst reading this on my electricity consuming gadget, in a air conditioned home with lights on.


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Unless they are progressives.

“Save a Chicken, Eat More Beef!”.

In actuality we eat more wild meat than anything (including bread and veggies) so we’re entirely eco friendly.

Of course I usually pick up the dead critters in my F-350 just to be politically incorrect!

Al Gore will be happy to sell you some flatulence credits.

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If I Had a Hummer (11/05/2007)

Oh, if I had a Hummer
I’d drive it in the morning
I’d drive it in the evening
All over this land

I’d drive for Groceries
I’d drive for Beer
I’d drive for Golf, and Baseball, and Football and Soccer
Aaaaaall over this land!

But if I parked my Hummer
And never drove it again
I could sell Carbon Credits
To Politicians near and far

I’d sell them for cash
From Congress’ illicit stash
I’d sell them to pay for cabfare and rentals and loaners
And then claim those as business expenses!