What they don't tell you about last weeks riots

Here’s A List Of The Police Killed Or Injured In The Last Week’s Violence

– A Las Vegas metropolitan police officer, Shay Mikalonis, age 29, was shot in the back of the head while struggling with a rioter. It appears that Mikalonis survived brain surgery, but he will likely never be the same after the attack.

– Twelve other Las Vegas police were injured during the riots.

– An active shooter also opened fire on law enforcement at a Las Vegas courthouse.

– Four St. Louis police officers were shot by an active shooter. Thankfully, all four are out of the hospital.

– A retired St. Louis police captain, David Dorn, was protecting a friend’s store from rioters and looters. They shot him while stealing “TVs.” A shocking video, live-streamed on Facebook, shows the 77-year-old black American lying in a pool of blood. Dorn’s death was little covered in the national corporate media.

– A New York police officer was struck purposefully by a vehicle. He is in “serious but stable condition.”

– Three Buffalo law enforcement officers were struck by a vehicle in front of the police station. Two officers are now seriously hurt, and two civilians died from shootings that were not related to the police.

– Three Davenport, Iowa, law enforcement officers were ambushed, and one was shot. Two civilians died in the attempted killing of the police officer, including a young black woman.

– One hundred thirty-two officers were injured in Chicago during a riot. During that riot, there were 48 shootings and 17 homicides. It is likely many of the homicide victims were black Americans.

– Nine Pittsburg officers were injured by objects during a riot.

– Up to a dozen officers in Rhode Island were injured during riots.

– An active shooter opened fire at the Oakland Police Department. At the federal courthouse in Oakland, the scene of an anti-police protest, two officers were shot in a drive-by shooting. One of those men, Federal Protective Service Officer Dave Patrick Underwood, was shot dead. Underwood is a black American and, first and foremost, a hero.

– Two officers were struck in the head with projectiles in Santa Ana, California.

– Two Richmond, Virginia, officers were shot. One of these officers has life-threatening injuries.

– At least five officers and two firefighters were injured during riots in Richland County, South Carolina.

– One officer was struck in the head by a brick in Albany, New York. The suspect, a 21-year-old white male, is now in custody.

– Four Prince William County, Virginia, officers sustained head injuries from projectiles, including large rocks.

– Seven officers were injured in Sacramento, California.

– Several officers were shot at and injured in Lynchburg, Virginia.

– Several Champaign, Illinois, police officers were injured during protests that turned into a riot.

– Three Oak Lawn, Illinois, officers were injured.

– Twenty-one officers were injured in Salt Lake City. What appeared to be a mostly white crowd threw rocks and other objects at the officers.

More than 50 Secret Service agents were injured by thrown objects — including Molotov cocktails — in Washington, D.C. The “protesters” appeared to be trying to breach the White House fence.

– Three Denver police officers were in a police Rapid Deployment Vehicle when they were purposefully slammed by another vehicle. The impact also hurt a civilian standing nearby. The status of the civilian is not yet known, and one of the officers is still in the hospital.

– Well over 40 New York City police officers have been injured during riots, some severely. Multiple officers have been shot, stabbed, or hit with heavy objects. The latest incident involved a knife-wielding attacker who stabbed an officer in the neck, and two other officers who were shot — one in the hands.

– Videos from New York that don’t appear to be widely reported in the media show a cop getting slammed in the head with a heavy object from behind, and a cop lying on the street after being shot.

– Multiple Atlanta, Georgia, officers were injured during protests. One officer, a black American named Max Brewer, was run over by an ATV. The vehicle appears to have circled back in order to run him over. He remains in critical condition.

– Two Capitol Police officers were injured during a riot in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. According to pictures from the riot, it appears some protesters attacked the officers. In one picture, a white man appears to be trying to attack officers wearing riot gear.