What kind of coded message is Shifty Schiff sending?

Our government needs to be literally purged and reset. Anyone there should lose their jobs and not be eligible to come back. I mean seriously what in the fuck is wrong with these weirdos?

That bug eyed freak is going to need all the luck he can get in 2020. Things are not looking good for him.

I don’t even know what this means, “rabbit, rabbit”.

Unless carrying a rabbit foot is still considered a good luck charm which went the way of the pet rock eons ago.

You give Schiff way too much credit if you think this is a coded message. Truth? He is just that dumb.

Adam Schiff is on very heavy medication. The bulging eyes is a tell-tale sign of strong anti-psychotics, especially since his eye bulging varies in intensity through the day. He also exhibits many neural tics related to anti-depressant SSRI use in conjunction with strong anti-psychotics. He should be removed for office because he’s unfit. Adam Lanza was on the exact same drugs as Adam Schiff and notice how they both have the same ‘look’. Remove Schiff from office NOW!!!

You people are crazy.

I like Adam Schiff. He’s a trained lawyer and patriot. He’s one of the few courageous enough to perform real oversight of the Trump administration.

He also associates with men who sodomize and murder drug addicted black male prostitutes.

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You like politicians that subvert and violate the constitution! Got it! At least we know why no one here takes you seriously! Sounds like your the one who is crazy!