What its Like Talking to a Deranged Leftist Democrat! (Training Video)

Never mind the fact that this idiot lost her argument and is a another clueless brain-dead Democrat, just focus n the her language being used and how she obfuscate from answering a direct question. This is the MO of the left everytime and of course we see this sort of behavior from certain individuals here on this site on a daily basis.

Use this video as a text book reference to learn from. Bill Hemmer toys with this mental moron shows us how it is done! Make your case!

That’s really all they have…which is pretty much NOTHING! :laughing:
But seriously, if she was on CNN…she would have “act” as if this was entirely something different. :roll_eyes:

Pay closer attention to her language use and how she just keeps talking nonsensically without even answering a direct question. This is a evasive trick that these idiots resort to all the time. Just read some of Dave’s posts to know that this is the same strategy being used. Once you break down the technical and psychological then the solution for defeating such argumentative scourges is a much simpler task!