WH officials refuse to testify

As you have been told dozens of times in the short time I have been on this forum, you are, of course, entitled to your opinion, just not your own facts, and insults from you are not opinions anyone cares to read.

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Works both ways, yes?

You seem to fit this bill as well with your insults. You claim to have a brain that you use to decide for yourself what is propaganda and what is accurate. You seem to ignore any facts and opinions that do not agree with your leftist world view. Sad.

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What insults?

Is my challenging your assertions insulting for you?

I’m open to facts and opinions that don’t mesh with my worldview, just not ill formed arguments with no factual basis but serve only to assuage the person posting them.

You seem more dogmatic to me and insulting than open to opinions other than your own. Prove me wrong.


To the first that’s just a lie. Hunter used his father’s position to make millions by peddling influence.

To the second, you’ve lost the plot again, the subject of discussion was AG Barr.


Wth are you going on about???

When have I personally insulted you?

Btw, you’re not required to read anything I post. :man_shrugging:

Impeachment crazed Democrats have transformed Trump’s request to investigate the Biden’s scheme to “monetize” Joe’s office of VP into a head long rush to impeachment by conjuring up a motive of election interference. But even a passing glance at the Biden’s payoff scheme and Joe’s action to protect it by insisting the prosecutor be fired shows Trump’s request wasn’t necessarily motivated by a desire to dig up opposition research on a political opponent
Without the intent Democrats insist Trump must have had their whole impeachment sham falls apart. That’s why they insist the Biden’s corruption has to be ignored.

Trump’s other request was to look into the possibility of a pristine image copy of the compromised DNC email server rumored to be stored in the Ukraine. The server was never examined directly by the FBI. Instead, selective data was filtered to Federal investigators by the DNC’s consultants CrowdStrike, a company with deep Ukrainian roots. The prospect of an FBI no longer led by James the Protector Comey and an intelligence community interested in facts rather than political sabotage terrifies Democrats that’s why the request has to be derided as Trump craziness.

A half dozen witnesses, hand picked by Trump/Trump administration officials, have testified under oath corroborating the original whistleblowers complaint.

And a few dozen, including the principals in this hoax, have testified there was no QPQ. You simply chose to believe guilt versus innocence until proved guilty. tsk tsk

No, they only want it one way…:rofl:

Conservatives rely on facts, liberals rely on feelings. I will stick with facts. They are more honest than subjective feelings.


Well that’s the whole point. And what we’ve learned of Trump’s shadow government with Giuliani is telling. The drug deal Bolton referred to it as… :wink:

Proof??? None?? Hearsay? Feelings of hatred? tsk tsk

Yes, we’ll lets have our president working on rumors. :roll_eyes:

…all based on the request for such from the United States.

Nice try!

…and Joe Biden admitted that his ouster was linked to Biden’s threat to deny over a billion dollars in aid.

Again…nice try, but no cigar.

Don’t be stupid. Biden didn’t confess to getting the prosecutor fired until May 2019.

Yet Eric Holder admitted he was Obama’s “wingman”. It’s a double standard with liberals.

Yep! I knew post #85 was a fuckin’ lie!

You’re in the Hotel California and just don’t know it!

Right, we spent 2 years and $40 million chasing the Russian collusion rumor with a special counsel acting essentially as an unelected fourth branch of government superior to the other 3. That’s after multiple FBI and Congressional probes concluded there was no collusion by Trump or any other American. It was our patriotic duty, comrade, to get to the bottom of the Russian collusion rumors, again and again and again.

Of course the idea of having an FBI shorn of leadership dedicated to preserving their privilege to act above the law and to extend protection from prosecution to senior Democrat politicians independently examine the DNC server supposedly compromised by government backed Russian hackers is terrifying. The DNC server hack was a profound attack on our democracy but pursuing evidence heretofore denied to the FBI is condemned as chasing rumors. :roll_eyes:

And how many years and monies were spent chasing Benghazi and Bill Clinton. Don’t pretend that that bothers you.