Video: Louis Farrakhan Warns Africans Not To Take Bill Gates Vaccines

It is NOT america doing this to the black people or when it flips as it is now the whites. PPL COME ON BAND TOGETHER AS ONE TO TAKE OUT HTE globalist – SOROS----ZUCKENBERG–CARNEGIES-- JP MORGAN-- Just to name a few it is the GLOBALIST POS FKRS causing the division because the clueless bite the bait.

This is all ANTIFA’s chit not the black ppl

Shame that the quality of the video isn’t better to give it a bit more gravitas; and he came across as ‘being on something’ to me, too?

I recently found out exactly what goes into vaccines, including fetal human, animal, and rodent fluids, so anyone who takes anyone’s vaccines must want to their heads testing. And if they let their kids be vaccinated, the kids should be taken into care.

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