US Embassy Evacuated After Iranian-Backed Protesters Breach Compound

This after a recent bombing in Syria and Iraq took place after an American Mercenary was killed under questionable circumstances. The article by CTH highlights events prior to this breaking news and is added for context to this breaking story.

Back story:


US Embassy Evacuated After Iranian-Backed Protesters Breach Compound

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This should be the headline today. Trump WILL NOT let this turn into the storming of the Iranian embassy in 1979, or Libya. The President no doubt in on top of this and will make a harsh example out of these “protesters”. Weapons free and turn them into red stains on the pavement.

Case in point:


We need to deliver a Shock & Awe thunderstorm of nuclear warheads on Tehran.

Let’s make all of Iran uninhabitable for 100,000 years.

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Looks like the Military Industrial Complex needs a good ol’ fashioned war to get some additional profits… Turkey didn’t work, neither did Venezuela, so let’s go back to the tried-and-true “explosion in Baghdad and point fingers at Iran” method of forcing the US to re-engage in an extended land war… look, I’m all for retribution, but let’s split atoms, not soldiers!

I’m not buying this at all. It’s way too convenient for all who have been trying to push the Trump administration into a war since the beginning. Here is the Mossad agent leading the charge:

That is the general gist of things here! Something doesn’t smell right! Also some Chinese made explosives were found at the scene which screams a Black OPs coordinated Attack!

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That’s not going to happen. Trump promised to get us out of the ME. Looks like more broken promises.

Yeah - the timing is way off and the media response has been HIGHLY suspicious. It’s like everyone was already there with cameras rolling.

Is there anyone that can’t see right through this bullshit? This is all staged silliness. Trump wants to get us the hell out of the Middle East and the deep state, along with our “greatest ally”, don’t want that to happen. The media is doing their usual push to war.

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draft all those atnifa thugs and send them over to Iraq since they want to fight.

And wouldn’t know it Graham brown nosing like he does best! What a fking joke!

‘No Benghazis on His Watch’: Graham Praises Trump Response to Embassy Protests in Baghdad

What response? An angry tweet? We need action!

So you want another endless war in the Middle East?

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Iraqi commandos deployed around the embassy.

US Marines also on the way.

Now Trump can safely retaliate against Iran.

Funny how they never attacked the Embassy before. All these years, even when ISIS was ruling the country, they never attacked the embassy.

Funny how now, when ISIS is dead, suddenly the terrorists attack the embassy. Right at the turn of the decade, months before the election, right as the US president is making moves to withdraw forces

Awfully convenient for whoever profits from ongoing US presence in the region. Just when it seems like the troops are out, those Iraqis attack the US embassy for no reason. Very nice.

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You are great at criticizing, try offering a solution for a change.

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Unfortunately, it appears that Trump is taking the bait on this one. I wish that he weren’t because this entire attack makes little sense.

Its about time these Towelheads meet ALLAH. Iran has been quiet for to long and wants to stir up trouble. Lets give them a belated Christmas gift and tirn the sand into glass

Welp - looks like we are going back to Iraq.

War with Iran?

Will be an even bigger shitstorm than Iraq x 100